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MDS LEDR Series - Scalable, Long Range Licensed

Pub #TitleRevision DateFormat
05-3532A01-BLEDR SNMP Handbook11/01/2002 [1.8M]
This handbook describes the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent for use with LEDR series radios such as the LEDR 400x, 900x and 1400x. Although this version is a preliminary offering, it replaces the former Rev. A version.
05-3633A01-ALEDR2 Retuning Instructions08/04/2009 [25k]
Contains steps for retuning the operating frequency of a LEDR II radio.
05-3691A01-ALEDR2 Filter Upgrade Instructions11/01/2002 [1k]
Instructions for replacing the filters in LEDR radios in order to change the data rate. This data is referenced in some early (pre-October 2000) versions of the manual and is included in the current LEDR manual.
05-3638A01-ALEDR C/I Curves-whitepaper11/01/2002 [44k]
Whitepaper on carrier-to-interference curves for LEDR Series.
05-3627A01-FLEDR Radio Manual (400S/F, 700S, 900S/F, 1400S/F)08/04/2009 [1.3M]
Installation and Operating instructions for all LEDR II Series radios, including protected/redundant versions.
05-4738A01-ALEDR Network Configuration Instructions09/17/2009 [83k]
Network Configuration Instructions for the LEDR Transceiver. This document is intended for use with the main product manual, 05-3627A01.
ATT1274 - 03LEDR Interleave setting03/23/2011 [141k]
Interleaving is a digital algorithm that allows Forward Error Correction (FEC) to better handle bursts of noise. This instruction sheet discusses how Interleaving can be used to improve operation of LEDR radios
05-3496A01Software/Firmware Installation Guide04/19/2010 [12k]
Instructions for installing new software/firmware files in GE MDS radios
05-6192A01-ABattery Disposal Notice10/25/2013 [103k]


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