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720V IEC Rated
Indoor Current & Voltage Transformers

File Name TitleRevision DateFormat
21I-25IModel 21I-25I05/30/2017 [822k]
Model: 21I,22I,23I,24I,25I CT's. Window Size:31.7mm to 79.5mm
296I-300IModel 296I-300I05/30/2017 [972k]
Model: 296I,297I,298I,299I,300I CT's. Window Size:38.1mm to 95.3mm
450IModel 450I05/30/2017 [166k]
Model: 450I VT; 750 VA
460IModel 460I05/30/2017 [128k]
Model: 460I VT; 150 VA
460IF_460IFFModel 460IF_460IFF05/30/2017 [186k]
Model: 460IF, 460IFF VT; 150 VA
475IModel 475I05/31/2017 [177k]
Model: 475I VT; 300 VA
680IModel 680I08/18/2017 [678k]
Model: 680I CT's. Window Size:178.3mm
685IModel 685I08/16/2017 [645k]
Model: 685I CT's. Window Size:178.3mm
780IModel 780I08/16/2017 [755k]
Model: 780I CT's. Window Size:165mm
785IModel 785I08/16/2017 [735k]
Model: 785I CT's. Window Size:165mm


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