IJS Synchronism Check Relay
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IJS Synchronism Check Relay

IJS Synchronism Check Relay

Orders will be accepted for IJS relays through 1st October, 2018. As an alternative, please refer to the 889 relay.

The Type IJS relay is an induction disk synchronism check relay that has two shaded pole U-magnet driving elements acting on opposite sides of a single rotating disk. One operating element drives the disk in the contact closing direction and the other in the restraining or opposite direction. The disk shaft is restrained by a spiral spring, to hold the contacts open when the relay is de-energized. The motion of the disk is slowed by permanent magnets to give a time delay.

Protection and Control
  • Synchronism check operation
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Selectable phase calibration range
  • Instantaneous bus and line undervoltage