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Reliable and robust solutions that reduce risk and minimize downtime
From pit to port, GE offers a broad range of solutions that improve operational efficiencies and increase enterprise performance and safety. Our solutions include rugged communication networks, energy and network management software, protection and control for motors and transformers, and reliable power protection for continuous uptime.

GE's solutions for mine extractions include collecting and monitoring data in and around the pit, and protecting motors in critical assets. Providing visibility to data from crushers, seismic monitors, de-watering pump stations and other assets helps operators more efficiently perform day to day operations and maintenance activities. Surveillance at facility access gates and traffic control also helps increase worker safety.
Continuous communications for locomotives and transport vehicles provides valuable information such as location and status, and is especially important for unmanned vehicles. Our solutions enable high-speed, high-throughput data communication for vehicles as well as data acquisition for equipment and device status for preventive maintenance and reduced operating expenses.
The processing facility can be large and expansive with many critical areas. GE serves these areas with a communications infrastructure that supports video surveillance and data acquisition of controllers, meters, sensors and instrumentation. In addition, GE ensures secure, reliable power and protection for critical motors that help keep the processing facility running as efficiently as possible.

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From hardened wireless devices to industrial-grade fiber multiplexers and Ethernet switches, GE provides a broad range of industrial products delivering comprehensive end-to-end communication networks that scale to meet customers' unique requirements. GE's capabilities extend to purpose-built network management providing IT departments with tools designed to proactively monitor and manage their communication assets.
From the large horsepower MV motors used to process and move material, to the smaller LV motors used in secondary process applications in mid to final stages, GE's Multilin motor protection offers advanced motor protection, powerful automation control logic, essential motor health diagnostics, and multiple embedded communications
GE delivers a broad selection of transformer optimization tools from transformer monitoring and diagnostics to advanced prognostics and maintenance services. Using advance technology and proven modeling, GE solutions captures and analyzes critical transformer data.
The GE portfolio of capacitors, transformers and voltage regulators are designed, manufactured and tested to provide customers with flexible, reliable and advanced power delivery solutions. GE network transformers provide superior corrosion protection in harsh environments, using Reeves zinc-rich epoxy coating.
GE's Energy Management Systems centralize monitoring data, control, disturbance recording and data collection, while providing a virtual window into the energy system for analysis and reporting through an integrated network of metering and protection devices.