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Power Transformers Services

When working with large power transformers, attention to small detail is very important.

GE’s service teams provide specialized technical services covering the complete life cycle of power transformers. The power transformers services team undertakes extensive on-site investigations and repairs when required, and works to modernize more mature transformers by replacing key components with modern equivalents.

The team also performs asset maintenance surveys, which make a significant contribution towards increasing productivity. Failures can be prevented by non-intrusive visual inspections to determine equipment condition.

The power transformers services include a broad portfolio of offerings, including:

Remote Monitoring (MS 3000)

  • 24-hour access by our experts to your transformer for preventive maintenance
  • Especially suitable for substations which require particular attention and have no local personnel on site, such as oil & gas platforms, offshore rigs, power plants, etc.

Spare Parts

  • Recommendation and supply of strategic spare parts for in-house stock
  • Reverse engineering for old products

Transformer Life Extension & Retrofit

  • Pro-active asset management
  • Tap changer retrofit
  • Cooling system upgrade
  • Accessories upgrades and renovation
  • Oil changing

On-site Intervention

  • Erection & Commissioning
  • On-site maintenance & repair
  • On-site upgrade/refurbishment
  • Technical audits
  • Emergency support

Diagnosis & Expertise

  • Inspection and testing
  • Upgrade and modernization


  • Seminars
  • Operators' practical training