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Metal Enclosed PFC with Harmonic Filters

Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter Banks should be considered when power factor correction is desired in a harmonic environment. The filter bank consists of an enclosure containing power factor correction capacitors connected in series with iron core harmonic compensated reactors. The resonant frequency of the filter equals that of the harmonic to be eliminated from the power system. The capacitors, reactors and auxiliary equipment are installed in the welded galvaneal enclosure and are shipped ready for interconnection. The reactors are typically tuned to the 4.7th (nominal 5th) harmonic to reduce the more severe 5th harmonic current in systems with large amounts of 6 and 12 pulse non-linear loads present. Equipments for filtering other harmonic frequencies are also available. Our engineering staff can help chose the design and harmonic tuning frequency that best fits your specific requirements, including automatic designs.Banks are shipped ready for installation.

Banks can be provided with the following options: oil or vacuum switching; automatic control and protection; stainless steel housing; custom colors; key mechanical or electrical interlocks; capacitor removal device; NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X or 12 enclosures.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide power factor correction, voltage support, & harmonic mitigation
  • Tuned shunt harmonic filter banks
  • 0.1 to 30 MVAR, 0.75 to 38 kV
  • Current Limiting fuses
  • Galvaneal steel welded enclosures
  • Isolated control compartments for safety and convenience
  • Used for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Low installation costs, equipment shipped ready for interconnection
  • Multi-step, Automatic switching designs available
  • Protection, grounding, disconnect, & interlock options available