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GIS Digital Solutions
For electrical networks up to 800 kV

GE's GIS digital solutions meet the challenges of electrical networks up to 800 kV. The portfolio includes the BWatch digital gas monitor, PDWatch partial discharge monitor, RPH3 controlled circuit breaker switching as well as low power (non-conventional) current and voltage transformers.

BWatch provides digital gas monitoring for:

  • Insulating gas monitoring (density, pressure, temperature, trends, losses)
  • Internal arc localization
  • Operation monitoring (circuit-breaker, disconnector, earthing switch)

PDWatch provides PD monitoring via UHF signals analysis for:

  • Off-line monitoring
  • Continuous on-line monitoring

RPH3 provides controlled switching of circuit-breakers for:

  • Overvoltage mitigation of long unloaded lines
  • Inrush current mitigation of power transformers
  • Restrike mitigation of reactors
  • Inrush current mitigation of capacitor banks

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Low-power (non-conventional) current and voltage transformers for:

  • Perfect alignment with Smart Grid concepts, through IEC standard communication protocols
  • Saturation-free behavior
  • Ability to cope with very high current dynamic
  • Personal safety