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AC Disconnectors (Disconnect Switches)

GE prides itself on being one of the leading manufacturers of Disconnectors (Switches) in the world. GE offers flexible and reliable layout configurations up to 1,200 kV designed and tested to support international standards such as IEEE, IEC and GB (China).

From scorching hot climates to extreme cold environments, and areas of intense seismic activity, GE solutions are field proven with installations across the globe.

GE disconnectors are available in a variety of physical forms based on substation configurations and a space requirements. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians can provide expert advice and support in defining customized solutions.

Vertical Break Disconnectors
BCVB Vertical Break Disconnector up to 800 kV
GE’s BCVB vertical break disconnector, rated from 420 to 800 kV, reduces phase spacing to a minimum. BCVB is reliable in adverse conditions (-50°C to +50°C), and operates under 0 to 20 mm of ice. The double movement ensures high short circuit rating and excellent ice breaking. BCVB is robust and easy to operate.
CGVB-05 Vertical Break Disconnectors up to 550 kV
The CGVB-05 vertical break disconnector is designed to reduce phase spacing to a minimum, ensures high short circuit rating and has excellent ice breaking capabilities. The CGVB-05 is designed to be virtually maintenance free with factory sealed bearing housings and counter balancing springs.
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CGVB-08 Vertical Break Disconnectors up to 345 kV
The CGVB-08 vertical break disconnector is available in a wide range of ratings and is a robust and reliable performer. The double jaw contact system provides low maintenance, long life and excellent electrical and mechanical performance in the most adverse operating conditions.
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S3CV Vertical Break Disconnectors up to 245 kV
GE’s S3CV vertical break disconnector is rated from 52 to 245 kV. Rigid and well supported terminal pads permit post insulators and additional space savings. The S3CV can be supplied or easily retro-fitted with 1 or 2 earthing switches, and customizable solutions are available for vertical, underhung and phase-to-phase installations.
S3CVL Vertical Break Disconnectors up to 550 kV
The S3CVL, rated from 245 to 550 kV, is a modern, 3 insulator vertical break disconnector equipped with the unique L-Contact. Corrosion free materials mean virtually no maintenance is required. Specific spark-free solutions with an SF6 breaking chamber are available for EHV applications.
S3CVS Vertical Break Disconnectors up to 72 kV
The S3CVS is a heavy duty vertical break disconnector suitable for high current installations such as generator busbar disconnectors for power plants, electrical brake generators, SVC plants, as well as feeding furnaces and electrolytic plants. Rated from 24 to 72 kV, the S3CVS can be supplied completely assembled with a simple three phase base.
Center Break Disconnectors
S2DA Center Break Disconnectors up to 550 kV
The S2DA is the most commonly used and economical disconnecter, but requires an increased phase-to-phase distance. In the center break design the two arms rotate and the disconnect switch opens in the center.
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VCB V-Type Center Break Disconnectors up to 145 kV
The VCB, rated from 72.5 to 145 kV, is a V-type center break disconnector on which both insulators rotate to open and close the switch. Structural and civil work costs are kept to a minimum thus reducing overall installation costs. The galvanized structural steel channel base provides high strength and rigid design, while flex technology provides long term operation.
Double-Side Break Disconnectors
S3CD Double-Sided Break Disconnectors up to 550 kV
The S3CD is a double side break disconnector on which the center insulator rotates to open and close the switch. It is particularly suited for applications in which low vertical clearance prohibits the use of other disconnectors. The S3CD is a rugged performer in adverse operating conditions and is always stable in the close position during short circuits.
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S3C Double-Sided Break Disconnectors up to 300 kV
The S3C is a low profile, reduced phase-to-phase distance double side disconnector. Good mechanical and electrical strength of the current carrying parts are ensured through the use of high strength aluminium alloys combined with silver-plated copper contacts. The S3C can be customized for vertical, underhung and phase-over-phase installations.
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Pantograph and Semi-Pantograph Disconnectors
SPV & SPVL Semi-Pantograph Disconnectors up to 1,000 kV
The SPV and SPVL are space saving vertical reach disconnectors connecting the lower busbar to the upper one via the semi-pantograph arm. Horizontal rather than vertical separation can help to reduce space up to 30%. The SPVL is equipped with the unique pollution and ice-free L-Contact.
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SX Pantograph Disconnectors up to 1,000 kV
The SX is a space saving double scissor aluminum disconnector connecting the lower busbar to the upper one via the pantograph arms. Horizontal rather than vertical separation means a space reduction of as much as 30%.
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Knee Type Disconnectors
SPO & SPOL Knee Type Disconnectors up to 1,200 kV
SPO and SPOL are vertical break disconnectors with a two-piece arm. In open position the blade sections fold upon themselves in a vertical plane of only 60% of the longitudinal dimension. SPOL is equipped with the unique pollution and ice-free L-Contact and bus transfer contacts.
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XD/GE Disconnectors

High voltage disconnectors up to 800 kV. The portfolio includes:

  • GW4 Center Break Disconnectors
  • GW7 Double End Break
  • GW10 Vertical Pantograph
  • GW11 Horizontal Pantograph
  • GW12 Double Arm Vertical Pantograph
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