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Live Tank Circuit Breakers

GE offers highly reliable live tank circuit breakers for air-insulated substations up to 800 kV. The GL series features advanced switchgear technology with self-blast interrupters and spring-operated mechanisms (type FK) to ensure safe and efficient operation.

The field-proven interrupter design features the energy-optimized self-blast principle with single or double motion technology. The FK mechanism equips all GE high voltage circuit breakers with more than 250,000 drives in operation worldwide today.

This range of live tank circuit breakers can be used everywhere in the energy field even in highly seismic, highly polluted and very low temperature environments. All breakers are tested according to international and national standards to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Selector Guide

GL 107X
Live Tank Circuit Breaker from 36 kV up to 40.5 kV
More Info
GL 308 and GL 309
Live Tank Circuit Breaker for 52 kV and 72.5 kV
More Info
GL 310, GL 311 and GL 312
Live Tank Circuit Breakers from 100 kV to 145 kV
More Info
GL 313
Live Tank Circuit Breaker from 145 kV up to 170 kV
More Info
GL 314 and GL 314X
Live Tank Circuit Breaker up to 245 kV and 300 kV
More Info
GL 314 BPS
Live Tank Circuit Breaker By-Pass-Switch up to 245 kV
More Info
GL 315 and GL 315X
Live Tank Circuit Breakers up to 362 kV
More Info
GL 316 and GL 316X
Live Tank Circuit Breakers up to 420 kV
More Info
GL 317 and GL 317X
Live Tank Circuit Breakers up to 550 kV
More Info
GL 318 and GL 318X
Live Tank Circuit Breakers up to 800 kV
More Info
XD/GE Live Tank Circuit Breakers
Supporting voltage ratings up to 550kV, XD|GE high voltage Live Tank Circuit Breakers have been engineered to handle the demanding switching duties and environmental conditions required to operate and maintain reliable transmission systems.
More Info