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HVDC Converter Transformers

XD|GE has developed the HVDC converter transformer designs up to the maximum ±800kV voltage level and has produced a large number of HVDC converter transformers. These have been developed to support projects from ±50kV HVDC back-to-back converter stations up to ±800kV HVDC transmission projects. XD|GE has the largest manufacturing base for complete HVDC equipment in China. Since the 1980s, the XD Group has been involved in the introduction of technology and the manufacture of equipment in all twenty three (23) completed and ongoing HVDC transmission engineering projects in China.

Manufacturing Scope for ±50kV - ±800kV Voltage Level:

  • System research and design, DC system simulation
  • Thyristor valves
  • Converter transformer, and smoothing reactors and filters
  • Shunt capacitor; equalizing capacitor for thyristor valves
  • Cooling options including ONAN, ONAF, OFWF, OFAF, ODAF