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Power & Auto Transformers

To utilities and industrials, GE's power and auto transformers are the product of choice because they deliver the reliability and performance required due to their design, manufacturing and support characteristics. These characteristics aid our customers in offering the best level of energy supply.

Prolec GE Autotransformers

We offer a wide range of Autotransformers, which are needed to lower or increase the voltages used in transmission lines, and to interconnect systems that operate at different voltage classes. Our autotransformers are used by utilities worldwide.

Prolec GE Step up Transformers

Our Generator Step Up Transformers are used worldwide to elevate the voltages coming from power generation plants, such as thermal, wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric, between other. Prolec GE Generator Step Up Transformers are manufactured under the most stringent quality standards to surpass our customer's expectations.

Prolec GE Substation & Auxilary Transformers

Prolec GE manufactures substation and auxiliary transformers that lower transmission voltages for their use in the distribution grids. Our state-of-the-art facility gives us the capability to manufacture and test with the latest advances a whole range of substation transformers.