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Smallworld Enterprise
Smallworld™ Enterprise Gateway provides an advanced, comprehensive, high-performance, robust and easy to operate solution to make the quality of the Smallworld version managed data available on the Oracle® database technology. It enables a wide range of usage including viewing, reporting and data-warehouse applications as well as a set of operational applications. Smallworld Enterprise Gateway consists of a Java™ application with a configuration user interface and Magik components connecting to Oracle and Oracle Spatial®. It enables easy configuration, control and high-speed operations.

Smallworld Enterprise Gateway is an essential component of Smallworld Core Spatial Technology and the Smallworld applications suite. Together they provide a well-proven portfolio of powerful industry solutions to manage complex infrastructure networks for utilities and telecommunications businesses around the globe and enable a wide range of partner and customer solutions. The Smallworld portfolio is designed to scale up to very large and complex infrastructure networks, to ensure the proven quality of data, and to tightly integrate domain-specific applications with an advanced version management of network data. Many of the Smallworld customers also operate a range of business applications on Oracle and Oracle Spatial to support other business processes.

Key Benefits

Enterprise-wide access to all network data

Leverage the value of the Smallworld version managed data for a wide range of business processes

Combine this rich set of quality data with other network related data and share these with many other users

Enables viewing, reporting, analysis and data-warehouse, and many operational applications on Smallworld data models in Oracle

Improve IT operations and reduce overall cost

High-speed operation ensures network data is always up-to-date for other processes

Easy configuration

Process runs as scheduled batch operations, is robust and ensures short downtimes

Scalability up to very large enterprises

Easy adaptation to data model changes evolving over time



The configuration GUI provides an easy to use environment for controlling the Oracle data model, including the mapping of database objects, to create or update the Oracle schema, setting of enumerators and coordinate systems, and other preferences.


The architecture has been engineered to deliver the best possible performance, using Java and Oracle multi-threading batch processing for fast throughput.

The architecture has been engineered to deliver the best possible performance, using Java and Oracle multi-threading batch processing for fast throughput, exceeding 8 million records per hour* for a single session. The latest release introduces parallel processing for increased data throughput reaching speeds in excess of 20 million records per hour*.

* Performance may vary depending on record type and hardware constraints.

Ease of use

The user interface has been designed to set up and configure Smallworld Enterprise Gateway quickly and simply. No programming knowledge is necessary for basic setup. The latest release allows users to carry out basic data manipulation during synchronization through its Advanced Mapping system, with a dedicated and intuitive interface.


Smallworld Enterprise Gateway is capable of scaling up synchronization speed by adding worker machines and processes to the setup, up to the throughput limit of the source and destination servers.

Error handling

Smallworld Enterprise Gateway deals with degenerate input and software faults. It provides administrators with meaningful error handling feedback. Errors during the update process are logged, and the process will continue to operate as much of the planned task as possible. An administrator can evaluate and resolve these errors offline. Corrected data is available for the next update runs, limiting the re-run frequency and time. The latest release adds automatic corrections for the most common geometry incompatibilities with Oracle, thus reducing the amount of data needing manual correction by a significant amount.

Data model support

Smallworld Enterprise Gateway provides comprehensive support for a wide range of geometries, including points, oriented or not, lines, areas and texts. Meta-data tables support multiple worlds in Oracle. It allows having geometries from two different coordinate systems stored in the same column of an Oracle table. In order to support complex dimension objects, Smallworld Enterprise Gateway captures the results of respective custom drawing methods and exports these to Oracle, to ensure the same graphical representation of dimensions in both worlds.

Smallworld Enterprise Gateway supports a wide range of joins. When defining the mapping configuration, they are treated like any other fields with no special input required from the user. When the Oracle data model is created, all required join properties (constraints, foreign keys, intermediate tables) are taken care of. Full network topology can be transferred into Oracle Topology. This can be specified per individual Manifold.

Updates to alphanumeric attributes and simple geometries in the Oracle database can be synchronized back to the Smallworld database.

Data model evolution

Upon data model changes, the user interface will show exactly which fields, tables, and relations in the Smallworld data model have changed. It gives the administrator the option to automatically propagate the data model changes and update the data in Oracle.

Multiple data Sources

The latest release allows users to combine multiple Smallworld data sources with identical data models into a single Oracle target while maintaining full support for all features.

Process monitoring

The Smallworld Enterprise Gateway user interface allows visual monitoring of all open synchronization and configuration processes as well as direct interaction with the console of any Smallworld session involved.

Technology Standards
Smallworld Core Spatial Technology platform is based on common IT and geospatial standards and can be easily integrated with other business applications that require spatial information, including solutions for customer relationship management, operations management, market analysis, and work management. It is the foundation that underpins GE�s leading-edge industry-focused Smallworld application suites for utilities and telecommunications.

Key Functionality

  • Powerful and highly scalable spatial database engineered to model complex networks
  • Version managed long transaction database, allowing many hundreds of concurrent users write access
  • Object oriented modelling and development tools for fast and cost effective decisions.
  • Built in quality assurance and conflict management tools to ensure data quality
Technology Support
Operating systems

Windows Desktop and Server Editions in 64-bit and 32-bit editions
HP-UX on Integrity Itanium, IBM AIX on RS/6000, Sun Solaris on SPARC, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 on Intel processors.


Java 1.6 and 7 runtime environment

Open systems

Oracle 10g and 11g databases including Oracle Spatial�
LDAP authentication using Microsoft Windows Active Directory and OpenLDAP

Smallworld Portfolio

The Smallworld portfolio supports customers operating in a hybrid Smallworld and Oracle landscape. Smallworld GeoSpatial Server provides web-services to access Smallworld network data and enables SOA-based solutions. Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis combines network data with geospatial and alphanumeric data from other sources to business objects, for QVP, reporting and analysis tasks. The Smallworld Enterprise Gateway application supports IT architectures, where physical records of network data are needed in an Oracle database.

Supported platforms and operating systems

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology 4.1 and later

Oracle® 10g and Oracle 11g

Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows 7