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Smallworld Design Manager

Digital Energy Smallworld Design Manager

Smallworld™ Design Manager allows our customers to implement an enterprise-wide design paradigm that accurately captures intricate business rules while hiding many of those complexities from the user. As a result, the overall design process can be streamlined, making it easier for users to “design to standards” and “build to design”.

Smallworld Design Manager operates directly on network data in the corporate geospatial repository, unlike many design tools that require complicated extracts and copies of data that may become outdated during the design process. The full integration of design and as-built data in a single database allows planners and designers to work and collaborate on the most up-to-date version of the network. Real-time access to the current network data reduces the cost of designs and lowers the risk of costly mistakes.

Key Benefits

Detailed network design must be completed quickly to avoid creating a bottleneck in delivering service to customers. Smallworld Design Manager provides automated design functionality to quickly design the required network changes. Major operators rely upon their Smallworld solutions to undertake their network design and have seen an increase in productivity of around 20% for their network designers.

Smallworld Design Manager provides a range of benefits to the organization, including:

Automated design layout tools (DLT), including CAD-based precision placement tools that reduce labor costs by shortening the time required to lay out designs while improving design accuracy.

Enforcement of the workflow process, particularly in a large organization where many designers with varying skill sets are planning networks in the system.

Robust cost estimation tools allow designers to accurately check costs throughout the design workflow without having to leave the system. This accelerates the design process and makes the ultimate cost assessment process more accurate since errors are detected early during the layout process.

Design Workflow
Smallworld Design Manager is part of the Smallworld geospatial infrastructure platform and is a comprehensive workflow management system for network planning and design, including:

Easy to use design layout tools with CAD-based precision placement features

Workflow support and process control

Robust analysis of alternative design scenarios

Incremental processing of large designs

Work point/span modelling

Cost estimation and reporting tools

Work package and preparation tools

Network Design
Spatial information from a number of sources needs to be combined with the current network in a design environment where designers can lay out a number of solutions to a new service or maintenance work request. Smallworld Design Manager provides a geospatial-based design environment to manage the proposed network changes. Cost information for the proposed network changes can be used as part of the design approval within the spatial environment and this information shared with Enterprise Asset Management systems using Smallworld Business Integrator.
Related Designs

Related designs enable collaborative work between designers before their designs are integrated into the As Built network. They utilize the concept of a design set, which is a collection of related designs used to share object changes between related designs.

Diagram of Related Design Concept

When a related design is opened and refreshed, it has visibility of the most recent published changes from all related designs in the set. Any object in the design set can be connected even if the object was created or updated in a different related design.

Periodically, designers can choose to publish their related designs. They share the most recent changes from their design with all other related designs in the set. Other designers can see these changes by refreshing their designs. Once a related design is complete, it can be integrated independently into the As Built network using Phased Completion.

Phased Completion

Phased completion enables the integration of a phase of a design into the operational network independently of the rest of the design. An existing design can be split into multiple phases, and each phase can be integrated into the operational network as required. Phases can be moved through the design life-cycle independently of each other and of the design.

Phases and phased completion can be used to manage projects which take a long period of time, such as a large highway move or a new multi-subdivision development, where construction work may be connected and energized in stages. By posting only those parts of the design that have been energized, the operational model then accurately represents the operational network in the field.


Organizations can customize the Smallworld Design Manager state model to fit the business rules governing their design life cycle. Any number of design processes can be configured into the state model, depending on the project types, project sizes, project origins or other variables specific to the needs of the organization.

The Design Manager workflow capabilities include:

  • Workflow support and process control throughout the plan, design and build phases directly within the Smallworld GIS environment
  • Configurable state model for accurate management of design workflow
  • Supports alternative designs, complimentary designs and sub-designs
  • “Future” view of network for system planning and operational management system switching scenarios
  • Job scheduler for scheduling of design processing and GIS updates
  • Customization hook for the Core Quality Manager and custom Quality Assurance/Quality Control Routines into the state model

  • Integration

    Smallworld Business Integrator (SBI) is GE’s solution for integrating Smallworld applications with SAP and other Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. It features a comprehensive toolset for integration with SAP and external systems using industry standards and has been awarded the SAP Powered by NetWeaver certification.

    To learn more about SBI, please click here.

    Mobile Design

    Mobile Design provides field enablement of inspection, as-built update and simple design processes, leveraging existing components from MapFrame™ FieldSmart, Smallworld Design Manager and Task Manager. Design Manager projects are updated with the ‘As Built’ information more efficiently according to what was actually performed during construction of the design in the field.

    The productivity of field users who capture design notes and as built updates in the field is increased and the time to enter as built updates from field notes to the back office GIS is reduced. The quality of the data from the field is improved by reducing the risk of back office data entry errors.

      Key Benefits
    • Realize productivity savings by streamlining the movement of information from office to field and back.
    • Improve timeliness of work order completion and accuracy of as-built network.
    • Data currency and accuracy benefit operations systems such as OMS/ DMS.
    • Reduce time to revenue generation by removing sources of error introduced by manual data processing.
    • Avoid penalties by meeting regulatory and contractual obligations on time through more efficient processes.

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