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Smallworld Schematics Generator

Digital Energy Smallworld Schematics Generator

The Smallworld™ Schematics Generator product transforms complex geographic networks into compact, simplified schematics to support fast, confident decision-making. With a simplified view of the network, companies can quickly determine critical information such as capacity requirements, load balancing, network planning and maintenance from a single drawing.

GE's Smallworld Schematics Generator product is a powerful software tool that automatically generates schematics from an existing geographical representation of the network. It enables utility and telecommunications companies to generate accurate, compact and readable schematics of their geographic network. The creation of accurate and topologically correct schematics of the GIS data, including attribute data, enables complex GIS network data to be transformed to a simpler schematic in minutes, rather than days by hand.

Powerful Schematic Generation

At the heart of the Smallworld Schematics Generator is a powerful and flexible engine that allows users to create schematics of all or part of their network in a number of layout types comprising:

  • Orthogonal
  • Geo-orthogonal
  • Geoschematic
  • Symmetrical
  • Hierarchical

This engine provides flexibility for the user to determine the most suitable schematic representation of the source geographic network. The geographic network input can be selected by a number of means:

  • Network within window
  • Network within trail, selected area of buffer
  • Network found by tracing out from a particular asset (e.g., a circuit)
  • Import from and export to file
  • customized network selection

Managing Schematics

As Smallworld Schematics Generator links attributes to the schematics representations, the generated schematics are equivalent representations of the geographic objects and these objects are fully interoperable with the Smallworld Core Spatial technology product set of tools.

To capitalize on the investment in the edited schematics, they can be edited incrementally following a manual edit. This will preserve the positions of schematics and will take account of the existence and positions of drafting objects and labels.