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Mobile Enterprise Suite
Digital Energy Mobile Enterprise Suite

A universal mobile platform providing rapid application deployment, uniform data access & field automation

Utilities continue to focus on field operations as a means to drive reliability, efficiency and improved customer satisfaction for their business. Managing the increasingly complex network of assets requires utilities to reduce cycle times and break down barriers between the office and the field. GE’s Mobile Enterprise Suite offers the latest advancements in mobile technology and application for uniform data access and field automation across the enterprise.

This suite of solutions extends critical back office functions to the field, enabling office and field personnel to visualize and share network data and work tasks in real-time, agnostic of the mobile device or operating system in use. With our unique collective knowledge of software development, equipment manufacturing, and deep domain expertise in the utility and telecommunications industries, GE’s mobile applications are specifically designed to maximize enterprise efficiencies with tools that are easy to deploy, use, and manage.

GE's Mobile Enterprise Suite

GE’s Mobile Enterprise Suite of field automation applications allows customers to unlock the value of their back office systems by extending capabilities to the field including:

Damage Assessment Mutual Assistance Field Asset Viewing
Asset Update Field Inspections As-built / Design Update


Mobile Solution Enterprise Suite


Advanced Technology Platform

Capitalizing on GE's Predix platform to provide:

  • Data Security & Integrity
  • Network View Commonality & Data Consistency of the Application

Rapid Delivery of Focused Applications

Being built on an open-standards-based platform ensures applications enabling:

  • Field data aggregation into back office systems (OMS/DMS/ADMS)
  • Simplified app development for partners and customers
  • Faster and easier deployment across the field organization, supporting current and emerging device types and operating systems

Flexible Deployment & Simplified Management

Reducing total cost of ownership and lifecycle management costs with:

  • Multiple applications from numerous vendors all on one platform
  • Flexible deployment – Cloud vs. GE Hosted vs. On-site Service
  • Platform / Hardware agnostic – Supports current and emerging device types including web & hybrid devices
  • Support for workflows across the operation
  • Ecosystem of applications (Card Store) to access and deliver applications & tools to mobile device(s)

Mobile Enterprise Suite Apps

Damage Assessment App    
GE's Mobile Enterprise Damage Assessment app enables crews to quickly download network circuit data, view the facilities, perform comprehensive damage assessment, report asset associated damage (including pictures and comments), and estimate the restoration time. By putting critical data in the hands of the field crew, the Utilities and Telecoms competitive service providers (CSPs) can reduce truck rolls and eliminate overlapping assessments. With integration to back office OMS systems, field crews are in close coordination with the rest of the operation, Utilities and CSPs can realize faster restoration times, reducing customer downtime by hours or even days, depending on the storm severity.   Damage Assessment App
Damage Assessment App
Asset Viewing App      
GE's Mobile Enterprise Asset Viewing App is the answer for personnel that want to remove the traditional field/office divide and join the new mobile workforce. Building on the premier GE Predix Go platform, our app offers an intuitive user experience to drive efficiencies in the field and allow new operations to extend beyond the office. Utility and CSP personnel can leverage corporate mobile devices or bring your own device (BYOD) to access critical network data on the go. GE’s Mobile Enterprise Asset Viewing App can be the backbone of your field operations, with a platform to expand into further field automation and work processes across your operations.   Asset View App
Asset Viewing App
Field Inspection App      
GE's Mobile Enterprise Field Inspection App offers an inspection platform to support all inspection workflows across the field organization. Leveraging GE’s Predix Go technology, integration to enterprise systems for inspection data and work generation allows a utility or competitive service provider (CSP) to support the end-to-end inspection process in the field. Configurable data capture forms and color coded inspection icons offer the ability to manage asset inspections in support of an ever changing regulatory environment.   Field Inspection App
Field Inspection App
Field Data Collection App      
GE's Mobile Enterprise Field Data Collection App supports field asset collection, attribute updates, movement and removals of critical network assets. Our solution supports the full round trip to your backend GIS. With GE’s Field Data Collection App, a utility or competitive service provider (CSP) can ensure their network accuracy by placing the tools in the hands of the field workers to fully support and manage the network.   Field Data Collection App
Field Data Collection App
Pole Attachment Survey App      
Pole Attachment Survey activities are vital to field operations and provide value by maintaining critical network assets. Unique to the pole attachment survey process, joint use inspections can assist in driving revenue by auditing third party attachments to a utility’s infrastructure. GE’s Mobile Enterprise Pole Attachment Survey App is a simple but powerful field app allowing a field engineer to quickly verify existing attachment data as well as update joint usage seamlessly with the back office GIS. With the Pole Attachment Survey App, customers can focus on field work processes to ensure compliance within their network and drive revenue for the joint use programs.   Pole Attachment Survey App
Pole Attachment Survey App

GE’s Predix Technology

Predix is GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet. Predix enables asset and operations optimization by providing a standard way to run industrial-scale analytics and connect machines, data, and people. Deployed on machines, on premise, or in the cloud, Predix combines an industry-leading stack of technologies for distributed computing and big data analytics, asset management, machine-to-machine communication, and mobility.

Predix is optimized for machine-to-machine communications, analytics on large industrial data sets, and industrial asset performance management, seamlessly scaling from the smallest device to the largest high-performance compute cloud.

GE’s Mobile Enterprise Suite is combining the deep domain knowledge of over 20 years of leading mobile technology for utilities and telecoms with GE’s Predix technology which leverages the scale of GE’s software investments from the Software Center of Excellence and focuses it on the critical workflows of utility and telecom operations in support of existing and emerging field trends.