Product Training Syllabus

Gas Distribution Office: User

Gas Distribution Office: User

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What will I learn from this course?

This course is designed to instruct end users in using Gas Distribution Office to add, correct, analyse, report and plot Gas Distribution GIS data.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for end users who are responsible for creating Gas distribution designs, correcting existing Gas information, verifying network connectivity and creating gas outage scenarios including information on affected customers.


Required: Using Smallworld Core Spatial Technology course, Knowledge of Gas Distribution industry procedures

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Objectives

Following the course, students will be able to:

Insert new Gas facilities into the GIS

Modify existing GIS data while maintaining network connectivity

Build new Gas networks

Build Cathodically Protected areas

Quickly analyze outages and locate valves to be closed

Prepare compliance-related reports

Maintain leak status, history and query tools

Plan routes for inspections,meter readings

Import survey data

Course Agenda

Introduction to Gas Distribution Office

Object Editors

Theme Displays

Cathodic Protection

Gas Outage Analysis

Survey Point Manager

Route Manager

Customer Usage Reporter


Inventory Reporter

Leak Analysis

Network Builder

Network Trace

Bulk Update

Event and Audit History

Map Grid Plotting