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Directory: Main / NETview / Ver220

Overview of MDS NETview MS - The new MDS NETview software provides an operator with a central console from which to view an MDS radio network and associated IP-connected devices in a hierarchical map perspective. - The NETview software application can monitor the network for fault and performance information, and perform various maintenance tasks on the radios. - By utilizing a client/server interface, many users can simultaneously connect to the NETview Server (also known as MDSnv Server) to perform network management. First Time Users - Launch the NETview installation first and then select the appropriate link to install the Client and/or Server applications. NETview, Trap Tracker, and the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) will all be installed. - On server PCs, also install the TFTP Server application. - After installation, launch the NETview server first and then the NETview client. - To log into the MDSnv server for the first time use: Username: Admin Password: Admin - First time users will be prompted to create a default map of their system. - After selecting a name for the map, ensure that you are in edit mode by verifying that Lock Map is displayed in the File menu. - To add a Network Element, simply click on an icon on the left like the LEDR Radio and drag it over to the map area. - The user will be prompted at this time for an IP address for the new element. After a connection is tested to the new element, it is placed onto the map area. If the connection fails, a dialog box prompts the user to either delete it or keep it anyway. - In a similar fashion, Network Elements can be "wired" together to illustrate their position within the network. For Further Information - Use the NETview Client application On-line Help system.

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