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PowerOn Response
Integrated Damage, Outage and Storm Management Solution

GE’s PowerOn™ Response is an end-to-end solution that provides electric utilities with the integrated tools needed to assess, dispatch, report and restore power from outages caused by moderate and severe weather events, as well as everyday operations.

During weather events electric utilities must quickly understand the extent and location of damage to network assets that may result in complex and nested outages. Specifically, utilities need the ability to assess the impact on the network, prepare repair actions, determine resource needs, dispatch repair crews and communicate key damage and restoration information both internally and externally.

With new regulatory pressures and requirements, utilities must improve their ability to respond and communicate network status throughout the unplanned event. The utility’s ability to respond and provide timely communications regarding these types of events directly influences customer, media and regulatory agency perception of the utility’s performance.

Key Benefits
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PowerOn Response Overview

PowerOn Response has been designed with the utility in mind, focusing on the need for integrated tools and workflows that supports the intelligent capture of network damage directly on the utility's circuit model, and exchange the results with the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) or Outage Management System (OMS) network model and operational workflows. This exchange of data supports the ability to get the damage communicated to the appropriate repair crews quickly and efficiently. Advanced visualization, reporting and analytics tools are also provided so that internal stakeholders and incident command centers have the tools to communicate all aspects of the storm response internally and externally.


Key Benefits

PowerOn Response provides utilities with tools, features and interoperability to reduce storm response durations and provide timely and efficient communications.

Intelligent Mobile Assessment Tools

  • Circuit data available to all patrol personnel and assessment resources on any type of mobile device
  • Offline ability to capture damage and upload to central servers for operational users and all utility stakeholders
  • Tools to support ongoing assessment of circuits to resolve exceptions prior to severe weather events

Seamless integration with OMS and Operational Stakeholders

  • Integrated workflow with OMS so assessment can be initiated within the ADMS/OMS for known outages and network damage
  • Accept field outage indications from assessments and update ADMS/OMS network model with up-to-date field conditions
  • Direct viewing of damage assessments within the ADMS/OMS and association to existing outage orders

Advanced Visualization, Reporting and Analytics Enabling Repair & Restoration

  • Visualization of network state, including all assessment results for command center
  • Detailed reports supporting operational decision making for patrol status, known damage, and estimated repair times
  • Tools to support the communication of storm response efforts for external customers, media and regulatory agencies


While utilities experiencing severe storm events have storm plans in place to ensure circuit patrols are performed and resources are available to deal with severe network damage, the tools and processes are typically a combination of paper or standalone applications that do not effectively share key data between them. Damage assessments are collected but do not get shared with repair crews and other utility stakeholders in a timely or efficient manner, causing delays in restoration response, multiple trips to same locations, manual preparation of various process status reports and insufficient and delayed customer communications.


PowerOn Response offers intelligent mobile assessment apps that capture network damage directly on digital representations of utility circuits that can be initiated directly from the OMS workflow and represent damage directly on the network model.

  • Easy access to mobile assessment applications for any crew member from corporate servers
  • Offline ability to report damage directly on digital circuit displays
  • ADMS/OMS integration to initiate assessments and receive results

GE understands the need for information and workflow integration.


While severe storms are usually infrequent events, utilities must be able to assess network damage as well as resource needs while communicating status. During the most challenging conditions for utility management and employees public perception is driven by how well utilities communicate before, during and after the event. Good execution can be cancelled out by poor communications.


PowerOn Response stores all assessment and relevant outage data in a central data store so that utility executives, managers, and other personnel have access to advanced visualization and reporting tools to effectively manage all aspects of the storm response and provide timely and accurate status to external customers and stakeholders.

  • Advanced visualization and reports for use by incident command centers
  • Reports support operational decision making and customer communications

GE understands the need to communicate at all stages of the storm event.