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  Grid IQ™ Solutions as a Service
PowerOn Precision Demand Response Management System
GE's PowerOn Precision takes a smarter, integrated approach to providing Demand Response Management System (DRMS). We've combined our end-to-end vision, technology and expertise to build a Class A system that leverages best practices. By partnering with GE, utilities can unlock more value from their demand response programs.
The PowerOn Precision Solution
Leverages a single system for managing DR programs, field assets and operational activities
Forecasts load reductions by aggregating historical and real-time data for greater accuracy
Performs load shaping instead of peak shaving or shifting
Dispatches load based on DMS needs
Manages the load rebound after an event
Increases ROI for DR programs and investments

DRMS - puzzle

  Today's Challenges & Opportunities
Utility companies have been using traditional, one-way demand response systems for several decades. While these systems provided significant benefits in a reserve capacity, many of these investments have reached their useful lifespan. Today’s technological innovations allow much more intelligence on demand response systems if a utility plans according to their future system needs.

In addition, several inherent challenges arise with scalable demand response programs. With a large number of customers or load, utilities must plan for the significant and simultaneous reduction of demand across the network and take steps to mitigate the impact on grid stability and operations. After a demand response event, utilities may then have a post-event phenomenon known as “rebound effect”—where load increases in large amounts as energy systems simultaneously return to normal operating conditions.

In response to these challenges, PowerOn Precision was designed as a platform in which information could be centralized and analyzed from either internal or external systems. This presents a significant value to companies by enabling load forecasting and scenario planning tools that allow them to accurately plan load reduction events. When combined with the right program and grid structure, demand response can be delivered in a manner that truly optimizes load reductions in support of customers.

  Control, Choice, Cooperation & Insight
Today, GE delivers a unique value to our customers based on decades of experience in the energy industry. This value is expressed through our commitment to deliver:
Control: Companies can dispatch load resources to optimally achieve their objectives while taking into consideration the various risks and rewards of each strategy.
Choice: Companies can manage and track the various consumer technologies being offered by several vendors, understand their effectiveness and dispatch optimally.
Cooperation: Companies can analyze and understand how consumers make decisions about using electricity when peak prices are offered.
Insight: Companies can begin measuring the true impact, both operationally and economically, of calling a demand response pricing or load control event across their business.

The PowerOn Precision platform is well suited to provide a common infrastructure and integration layer for all the processes and information necessary to support demand response programs. Our systems can be deployed in a phased approach or as part of a fully integrated project. Interacting with currently deployed and future technologies, while managing an entire portfolio of products and services, makes PowerOn Precision the ideal solution for true Demand Optimization.

Service Offerings

The PowerOn Precision solution can be delivered as a license through a project, or as a managed service leveraging GE data centers. Please consult with our experts to determine which offering is best for you.

  Configuration Core Module


Calling a demand response event or setting dynamic pricing rates should be a normal part of business operations. Therefore, managers need a system that addresses:
Pricing profiles that may vary by hour, day, month or season
Effectively dispatching load control commands to the right consumers at the right time
Confirming energy reductions against baseline calculations and participation targets
Compiling summary information at any point in time including data on the load resources under management, how they were scheduled and the effectiveness of DR programs in achieving their goals

PowerOn Precision establishes a process-oriented approach aimed at meeting and exceeding these requirements. Whether operating with a day-ahead or a real-time program, the system provides a scheduling and dashboard capability that incorporates load management as a part of everyday operations.

Asset Management

The data requirements for implementing a comprehensive demand response program and managing a variety of assets can be daunting. To be effective, companies must be prepared to address:
Establishing demand response programs or contracts with various tariff, policy or customer restrictions
Tracking customer contracts and the installation of energy management technologies
Maintaining communications with energy management technologies from a variety of vendors
Understanding consumer profiles, location and contact information

PowerOn Precision provides a complete and scalable asset management capability that leverage GE best practices and experience. Based on Common Information Model (CIM) and Smart Energy Profile (SEP) standards, the system connects the data in ways that assist users in actively managing and reporting on programs, consumers and load assets.

Advanced Viewer

Grid Viewer

Managing significant load resources requires the right tools to optimize the full potential of those resources. Using the PowerOn Precision load forecast and scenario planning tools, grid operators can examine load at any level of the network and generate a dispatch strategy that allows them to perform load shaping as opposed to load shedding or load shifting.

Market Viewer

While market conditions vary by region, load resources can represent a potential value that can be maximized either internally or traded in an organized market. To fully take advantage of this potential, PowerOn Precision includes several tools for capacity planning and scheduling that optimize the load resources by weather conditions, network conditions, or wholesale energy prices.

Consumer Web Portal Core Module
Communication builds value: GE's DRMS makes it easy for you to format and report savings to consumers. As they see results, plan participation grows and your options multiply. Understanding the program's effectiveness is the key to success. As such, we've developed the functionality to pull high-level reports to assist answering:

What types of customers are participating?

How often are customers participating?

What are my estimated savings in energy and cost?

Which demand response programs are most effective?

DR1000 Consumer Web Portal Screen
GE's DRMS Consumer Web Portal is a convenient way for households to enroll in utility demand response programs and register their smart appliances.
GE's DRMS Consumer Web Portal allows participating households to access easy to understand graphical reports that track their overall energy savings, their utility bill cost reductions, and how actively they have participated in utility programs.
Understanding the need and saving money
  Choice and opportunity leads to success
Research shows that most consumers know very little about the grid, electricity demand concerns, and how it can affect them. In today's smart grid, consumers play an important role in the success of a Demand Optimization program. GE's DRMS provides consumers with the tools and techniques to maximize consumer participation and educate them on the results.
Consumers can understand and appreciate results
Communication builds value by keeping the conversation . GE's DRMS Consumer Web Portal makes it easy for utilities to format and report savings to consumers. As they see results, plan participation grows and your options multiply.