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PowerOn Advantage
Advanced Distribution Management System

Controlling the network and managing the people working on a power system is fundamental to ensuring a safe and reliable power system. GE’s PowerOn™ Advantage is a single, yet modular Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) that delivers increased productivity and efficiency with active network optimization and control.

PowerOn Advantage delivers one network model enabling integrated and streamlined operations, one user interface for an intuitive user experience providing greater situational awareness and one system database that utilizes real-time network information that spans EHV to LV.

GE has over 30 years of experience in this domain, continuously evolving our products in partnership with our customers. GE’s integrated ADMS solution combines and builds on the evolution of GE’s best in class DMS and OMS capabilities, and is designed from the customer’s perspective to maximize usability through simplified and intuitive workflows.

PowerOn Advantage is all about keeping the lights on, preventing and responding to outages and maximizing return on network investment in the dynamic and ever changing distribution environment.

PowerOn Advantage Overview

The focus of PowerOn Advantage ADMS is delivering increased productivity and efficiency with active network optimization and control through a single ADMS platform. PowerOn Advantage provides:

Integrated and Streamlined Operation
  • One network model providing a single view of all work across distribution network operations in real-time
  • Integrated and optimized operational workflows, streamlined across GIS, ADMS, AMI and mobile
  • End-to-end network model management processes and streamlined workflows

Intuitive User Experience
  • Pre-defined dashboard with user-configurable widgets providing greater situational awareness
  • User experience focused around specific archetypes and key operational workflows
  • Streamlined, intuitive and guided work pages optimized for operating during blue sky days or under extreme storm conditions

Simplified System and Modular Design
  • Quick-start packages offered to accelerate deployments which maximize improvements across reliability, productivity and efficiency KPIs
  • Purpose-designed and built as an off–the-shelf ADMS product, deployable pre-configured on networks spanning from EHV to LV
  • Modular software architecture on a core real-time platform for flexible implementations as either an OMS, a DMS or a fully functioning ADMS

Key Dashboard Components

The predefined and integrated dashboard within PowerOn Advantage presents relevant and necessary network information to system operators in one easy to use interface where data finds the user. The dashboard provides an optimal view of all critical information requiring the attention of the operator, robust for both blue sky days as well as extreme storm conditions.

Key Benefits

PowerOn Advantage delivers increased reliability, productivity and efficiency through a single ADMS platform, providing utilities with:

  • Up to 33% reduction in SAIDI for increased reliability
  • Up to 80% reduction in verbal communications between crews/operator via integrated mobile apps for dispatch and switching productivity
  • Up to 3% reduction in voltage for greater network efficiency
  • Up to 20% increase in renewables generation from adaptive network management
  • Up to 30% reduction in SAIFI from adaptive power restoration system

Intuitive User Experience: Data Finds the User

Previous Industry Approach

Historically, utilities have struggled to gather network information from multiple, separate applications. These applications use multiple filters and table configurations to access relevant information, resulting in inefficient work flows across multiple screens. Operators need extensive knowledge, experience and training to navigate the system, and the system itself has limited effectiveness in maintaining situational awareness, especially under stress conditions such as large storms.

Multiple, Separate Applications and Workflows

Historical User Interface – Multiple, Separate Applications and Workflows

System operators have traditionally needed to access multiple applications to obtain network information. This is an inefficient process and requires extensive knowledge of the system and applications.

New Paradigm

PowerOn Advantage is changing the industry’s approach to data access. PowerOn Advantage offers an integrated dashboard with pre-defined work pages, creating a seamless next generation user experience. Through guided, streamlined and robust work flows, the intuitive PowerOn Advantage delivers advanced situational awareness in an environment with ever increasing volumes of data to be managed, controlled and visualized to meet grid modernization objectives.

Single Integrated Dashboard

PowerOn Advantage User Interface – Single Integrated Dashboard

With PowerOn Advantage, operators can now access network information via a single, integrated dashboard. Streamlined work flows enable efficient network management.

Simplified System and Modular Design

PowerOn Advantage has been designed with modularity in mind. This design gives customers the flexibility to choose to deploy as a single DMS, OMS, or as a fully functioning ADMS. GE understands how customers work and can deliver a proven software solution to meet utilities’ needs in distribution operations with a platform that is ready to grow and expand with our customers, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Modular System Offerings

GE offers PowerOn Advantage in a variety of tailored and modular based packages designed to accelerate delivery. Our pre-configured solution and services meet the utility’s key business objectives quickly. Whether it’s increasing reliability, improving productivity or delivering greater network efficiency, GE can provide the right package to optimize your utility’s grid modernization efforts, while increasing overall customer satisfaction.

GIS/ADMS Operability

GIS/ADMS perability

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership Through IT/OT Convergence

The significant increase in the volume of data within a utility’s network means that traditional methods of manually maintaining separate operations and GIS networks is no longer a beneficial approach.

PowerOn Advantage’s GIS/ADMS interoperability allows utilities to create an initial operational network model build and continue to incrementally update and maintain this integrated model over time, from EHV down to LV. This delivers improved data accuracy, enabling increased asset utilization. Interoperability also delivers the ability to model, monitor and manage LV networks—providing efficient LV modeling ready for renewables. In addition to an integrated approach, GE also offer a synchronized method as an alternative, a first step towards integration with less change management upfront and allowing utilities to gain confidence in their GIS data quality and readiness for use as source of operational model.

GE is the only vendor to be rated by Gartner® as a ‘Leader’ in GIS and ADMS, a key differentiation in the market where the integration between GIS and ADMS is becoming increasingly important—customers can come to GE for a market leading, end-to-end solution.

Putting Mobile First

Putting Mobile First

A Migration in Thinking: From Data Collection Tool to Collaborative Control

Utilities are under continuous pressure from customers, regulators and shareholders to improve overall safety, service and cost performance despite significant challenges of increasing frequency of severe storm events, aging networks and increasing network complexity.

Remodeling utility operations around mobilizing advanced distribution management offers the potential to transform electrical utilities and unlock significant benefits. Rather than just digitizing existing paper processes, utilities are now looking to re-design their business processes around mobile technologies—to change their thinking to a Mobile First perspective. PowerOn Advantage’s integrated ADMS mobile functions for dispatching and switching brings data directly into the field, the rich mobile client provides a direct link to schematics, maps and GPS navigation. Crews are empowered to be significantly more productive, reducing crew-to-operator verbal interactions by up to 80%, as well as driving reductions in SAIDI.

GE’s approach is quickly scalable and device and operating system agnostic, allowing data to be accessible anytime and anywhere, resulting in a connected utility, from crew to operator to consumer.

LV Network Management Solutions

GIS/ADMS perability

Extending Situational Awareness and Control

Historically the LV network has largely been opaque, but increasingly utilities require that it be visible to model, manage and optimize. We are seeing a transformation in how utilities operate and manage their LV networks as they become much more dynamic with an increasing volume of renewables, EV and storage being connected.

LV management solutions maximize business benefits by identifying network hotspots, implementing a network model with an improved depth of information and enabling active network management. GE’s LV Network Management solutions give visibility on the LV network beyond what is available via customer meters, and can be extended to provide RTU-like data for measuring amps, volts, phase angle, harmonic content and directional power, as well as control such as LV SCADA and LV automation.

PowerOn Advantage’s LV Network Management solutions allow utilities to gain a holistic view of the network at all voltage levels as well as visibility of distributed energy resources. Utilities are then able to optimize the design and planning of their network and control interventions as well as gain improved data required for regulatory compliance and aiding in investment decisions while continuing to provide security of supply.


GIS/ADMS perability

Managing Risk in the Grid

Network security is all about managing risk by:

  • Minimizing the threat surface
  • Monitoring the system for signs of abnormal behavior that could indicate an attack
  • Gathering information about the system’s security parameters to ensure no unplanned changes occur
  • Rapidly recovering if an event occurs

Our Security Solution takes best practices from the leading standards authorities and integrates them into our comprehensive, layered approach to security that provides a solid defense–in-depth strategy. Adopting our Security Solution makes compliance to regulations, such as NERC CIP, much easier to achieve.

Our Security Solution portfolio brings together security features from the core GE utility operations systems applications, secure network architecture, secure deployment practices during the system build and configuration process and ongoing security services that help to maintain the system’s integrity throughout its lifecycle.

This is all underpinned by secure business processes ensuring that GE employees working with customer systems are fully aware of applicable operational and regulatory standards, as well as trained in security best practices pertinent to their role.

Adaptive Automation

How to Solve an Outage in Minutes

How a utility’s current reliability metrics perform compared to regulatory targets is an extremely important measure for all utilities around the world. Reducing the impact and duration of both planned switching and unplanned fault restoration is critical to achieving reliability improvement goals.

GE’s Adaptive Power Restoration System (APRS), is an integrated FDIR module that reduces the duration of outages and the number of regulatory report customer interruptions, working to improve SAIDI and SAIFI metrics for utilities. This adaptive process can restore customers’ supply in less than a minute. Being adaptive, the algorithmic approach can run under abnormal network conditions, where scripted schemes and grid edge point solutions would fail.

PowerOn Advantage’s highly sophisticated FDIR solution offers a proven restoration capability and a clear focus on safety through a fail-safe methodology. Utilizing an optional power flow engine for optimized restoration, APRS intelligence isolates faults to the smallest possible section using fault location, then restores upstream power and looks for the best load transfer options for restoring downstream customers. PowerOn Advantage can split the downstream section and seek multiple transfers to restore customers; then the switching advisor module can then generate the manual switching steps for the crews to follow to fix remaining faulted circuit. The result is the maximum number of customers restored in the shortest possible time, and a reduction of manual steps by up to 35%, SAIFI reduction of 30% and SAIDI reduction of 30%.

Adaptive Network Management

Solving the Rise of Distributed Generation

The distribution grid is becoming more complex as an ever increasing number of renewables are connected. The growing volume of distributed generation (wind and solar) and energy storage within the grid results in a more dynamic and active network, where power flows in two directions with some consumers now acting as producers. With this trend, situational awareness and visibility is increasingly critical and consequently the ability to manage active networks emerges as a significant challenge for utilities.

PowerOn Advantage’s Adaptive Network Management (ANM) application enables utilities to manage generation and loads safely within system parameters without relying on significant capital investments. ANM is also scalable—from a single pilot deployment to across a full distribution network. The optimization challenge is addressed via ANM’s complete, accurate and up-to-date view of the network, dynamically updated to manage distributed energy resources (wind, solar) ANM responds to network changes, faults and planned work and can adapt to maximize the power delivery potential via renewables. CAPEX avoidance is captured through ANM’s adaptive approach to curtailment enabling generators to connect more while averting the need for utilities to reinforce their network.

ANM also ensures commercial fairness between generators and by working to minimize curtailment of embedded generation, assisting utilities in reaching their sustainability and low carbon targets.

Upgrade to ADMS

PowerOn Advantage, version 6 of GE’s ADMS, is a single, yet modular system building on GE’s best in class Outage Management System (OMS) and Distribution Management System (DMS) capabilities. GE’s ADMS has been designed from the customer’s perspective to bring stakeholders together on a single platform to interact with the network, perform work and share information in real-time.

PowerOn Advantage has been built to facilitate a clear upgrade path from existing supported versions of PowerOn Fusion, PowerOn Control and PowerOn Restore.


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