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Integrated Phasor Solutions

e-terraphasorpoint is an advanced, fully integrated, smart grid ready suite of products for the 21st century grid. Transmission operators must maintain stable operation of the power system and increase the use of assets, while aging infrastructure and a changing generation profile introduce new challenges. e-terraphasorpoint can bring great insight, reducing costs through more effective use of power system capacity, safeguarding its stability.

This flexible, scalable and extensible phasor-based Wide Area Management System (WAMS) is integrated with the e-terra solutions for Energy Management Systems (EMS), in order to:

  • Transform phasor data into actionable information to improve system security and capacity
  • Coordinate WAMS and EMS to produce a unified view of the power system, enhancing operator and analyst decision-making
  • Enable strategic development of the control center systems with the critical involvement of phasor-based information sources
Key Benefits:
  • Mitigate risk of major disturbance
  • Relieve transmission constraints
  • Improve dynamic models
  • Fulfil regulatory reporting requirements
  • Improve emergency response
  • Scalable – grow to the largest foreseeable systems
  • Extensible – add new applications when required