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Situational Intelligence

Translating data into actionable intelligence for empowered decision making.

= Grid IQ

Grid IQ Insight Grid IQ Insight provides a platform that aggregates, integrates, correlates and visualizes power system data in real-time, from multiple internal and external sources or systems into one dashboard view.

Outage & Storm Management

PowerOn Response An end-to-end solution that provides the integrated tools needed to assess, dispatch, report and restore power from outages caused by moderate and severe weather events, as well as everyday operations.

PowerOn Restore

PowerOn Restore An Outage Management System that supports network management and restoration process, enabling dispatchers to quickly assess critical inputs and variables to determine the best course of action.


e-terradistribution A Network Outage Management solution that allows operators to manage unscheduled and planned network outages from within a unified operating environment that integrates switching operations, SCADA, automated metering data, crew monitoring and real-time network analysis.