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Energy Management Systems

GE’s Energy Management Systems (EMS) are built to meet customers’ requirements, and address the challenges of the grid of today and anticipate the needs of the grid of tomorrow. GE’s EMS solutions are designed and developed on open-standard, distributed architecture and are augmented by powerful suites of applications for generation, transmission, and distribution power grids.

GE’s EMS solutions are one of the world’s leading SCADA/EMS system. They run systems for 10 of the 14 largest power grid operators, 170 systems in USA, 70% of the Middle East utilities, and 70% of Africa. Our EMS solution uses the same advanced optimization engines employed in many of the large electricity markets. Our Market Clearing Engine, for example, manages over 70% of the total installed capacity in the USA.

GE’s EMS system is a reliable solution, ready to meet customers’ unique requirements for grid security and situational awareness, CO2-free generation, and energy efficiency in a smarter grids environment. GE’s EMS systems are fully integrated with GE’s real-time Wide Area Management solutions. Timely and quality delivery, advanced IT integration capabilities, and a strong support organization provide an optimized total cost of ownership of the complete EMS solution.

e-terraplatform Providing real-time, study, and simulated environments, e-terraplatform is the ideal solution for real-time monitoring, control, and operation planning as well as historical and post-mortem analysis. All these functions are available for both network security analysis and generation dispatch, integrated via a highly available technology.

PowerOn Reliance The PowerOn Reliance EMS meets the challenges of today’s electric utilities with a secure core system built on an open-standard, distributed architecture and augmented by powerful application suites for generation, transmission and distribution power grids.