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i-210 Family Residential ANSI meters

Digital Energy i-210 Family Residential ANSI meters

For over a century, GE has been a valued and dependable partner for the utilities electricity metering needs. Known for delivering industry leading quality and robust designs, GE continues to set the pace with electricity metering technology developed to support emerging smart grid requirements.

The I-210 product line brings innovative and flexible technology solutions that covers all your metering needs from basic electronic energy only meters to highly flexible smart metering solutions that provide advanced functionality to meet the evolving smart grid system needs. GE's family of meters goes beyond meeting your complex business challenges. The advanced, powerful and easy-to-use meters give you an extra edge in the energy business. You can look forward to real-time instrumentation, power quality monitoring and accessing critical information. All these add up to give you higher productivity, improved efficiency and reduced energy costs.

The GE I-210 product family includes 2 models to provide the ultimate in flexibility and customer choice:

This is GE’s flagship residential meter product, offering demand, load profile, TOU, service switch, and a full complement of communication options.
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i210plus i210plus
World class accuracy and reliability in a solid-state kWh meter platform package. Available with a service switch as well as a wide array of communications options.
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