As of November 2nd the GE and Alstom alliance is complete: GE-Alstom Transaction Alstom's Grid Portfolio
I-210 Series
The I-210 Series of single phase electronic meters offers a wide range of functionality with a design that is a powerful combination of accuracy, reliability and value. Set apart by their industry leading quality, these meters come with various integrated communication technologies as well as a fully rated service switch.

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kV2c Series
The kV2c Series of commercial and industrial meters moves beyond revenue metering to real-time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and real cost of service measurements. Applications range from simple energy rating to collecting load analysis information on a polyphase or single phase circuit, and our patented Fitzall™ feature allows for inventory reductions.

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Smart Grid deployments typically begin with a roll-out of Smart Meters. GE provides a full line of single phase and polyphase meters to meet utility requirements for form factors and functionality. Our meters come equipped with various options for communications technology, home area network options, remote service switch, as well as a number of embedded features such as load profile, demand, and TOU tariff. GE is also expanding its metering technology into a next generation Electric Vehicle (EV) smart charging and metering solution, bridging the gap between smart charging, real-time connectivity, and load control for connected Electric Vehicles.

For their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), utilities require an economical solution to enable fast and secure communications to smart meters, to allow new market-driven billing structures to be implemented. GE's MDS™ wireless AMI solutions, provide long distance, high speed communications with secure data handling using encryption and user authentication.