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HV/MV Services by Application
Optimizing asset reliability, up-time and performance

GE’s innovative and high-quality services help maintain and optimize high-voltage electrical assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Leveraging the design and manufacturing knowledge of our skilled engineers, the customized service solutions ensure the substations and networks perform as planned. Field and technical experts deliver services for applications across the power system, keeping assets up-to-date, safe, reliable and efficient while improving customers’ return-on-investment.

Services are available for each of our HV/MV product and systems. These services are tailored to optimize the operation our portfolio, including gas-insulated switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, instrument transformers, and power electronics systems.

Asset Performance Management
Maintenance & Repair
Renovation & Modernization
Technical Training
Local Expertise

Asset Performance Management Services

Asset Performance Management Services

GE offers Asset Performance Management (APM) services as a comprehensive business solution for customers that maximizes the value of their assets by optimizing maintenance and asset replacement strategies. These recommended solutions take into consideration budget constraints, the condition of existing assets, and the criticality of each piece of equipment.

To optimize infrastructure, GE offers integrated solutions to manage assets efficiently. Based on site inspections and asset condition assessments, GE’s experts analyze data to define the 'Asset Health Index' of equipment and provide recommendations on asset usage planning, operations, repair and replacement in order to maximize existing infrastructure

GE’s asset management services include:

  • Site inspection and diagnostics, including advanced non-intrusive inspection services
  • Continuous online condition-monitoring systems
  • Communications and integration solutions
  • Analytics for health index management
  • Utility business process integration

Whether its transmission, generation, distribution or industry and infrastructure electrical assets, GE provides the models and tools to enable customers to meet their company objectives in terms of:

  • Reliability - by reducing outages, assessing and mitigating operational risks
  • Cost efficiency - by maximizing asset life while optimizing maintenance costs and hedging risk costs, with particular care taken for ageing infrastructures
  • Strategy - by providing the information needed to establish corporate asset investment plans and performance objectives with regulators and shareholders
  • Organization - by capitalizing on electrical know-how in the context of an ageing workforce and aligning departments with consistent goals for increased efficiency

Visit the Asset Performance Management webpage to learn more about these services, as well as the APM services tailored to HV/MV equipment including circuit breakers, instrument transformers, disconnectors, gas-insulated substations, transformers and systems.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Maintenance & Repair Services

GE recommends regular maintenance on equipment to ensure optimal operation and to reduce the risk of failure. Maintenance plans must be carried out by a qualified field services supervisor with the prerequisite technical levels. During warranty period, various maintenance levels must be conducted by the manufacturer on a regular basis related to the equipment. GE’s local teams can support its customers with emergency repairs, time-based, predictive and corrective maintenance.


  • Preventive maintenance
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Trouble shooting repair
  • End-of-life management
  • Decommissionning solutions

Spare parts management

  • Spare parts kits for maintenance & repair
  • Strategic spare parts stock for critical or out-phased equipment
  • Critical spare parts rotation programs

Permanent hotline

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Grid Experts Escalation

Learn more about the specific maintenance and repair services available for HV/MV equipment, including circuit breakers, instrument transformers, disconnectors, gas-insulated substations, transformers and systems.

Renovation & Modernization Services

Renovation & Modernization Services

High voltage substations are very valuable grid assets, and are critical for grid reliability and availability. After decades of operation, grid operators may foresee risks of increasing failure rates in these assets due to electrical and environmental stress. Operators may also have needs for evolving power demand or for standard or technological enhancement.

GE supports the decision-making process by providing a cost efficient solution for substations and products requiring improved performance, or to resolve some obsolescence issues. GE’s engineered solutions are based on condition and life assessment of any high voltage equipment including third party original equipment manufacturer.

Renovation and overhaul to expand the life of ageing equipment

  • Conduct the overhauling of the substation
  • Change some key parts with no major upgrade

Modernization (retrofit and upgrade) to solve obsolescence

  • Add monitoring on operating assets, including continuous online monitoring
  • Implement last technology solution on brownfield assets
  • Change/retrofit some key parts with major upgrade, including circuit breaker retrofit for GIS

Extension to address evolving network needs

  • Install additional bays and/or poles to an existing substation (legacy, third party or mix)

Learn more about the specific maintenance and repair services available for HV/MV equipment, including circuit breakers, instrument transformers, disconnectors, gas-insulated substations, transformers and systems.

Technical Training and Certification

Technical Training and Certification

Training matters. It’s the key to enabling staff to maintain peak equipment performance in a safe environment. Gaining hands-on experience and enhancing technical skills will add long-term value to your business and career. You can rely on GE’s technical expertise to support your team’s development.

GE’s network of Technical Institutes offers a full range of training in electrical grid safety, operations and maintenance of our power equipment, protection and control, and network management solutions, near your location. These value-adding courses encompass all aspects of electricity from fundamentals to in-depth equipment knowledge. Trainees benefit from trainers’ expertise in techniques and field experience combined with pedagogy.

Learn more about our HV/MV technical training.

Global Expertise Delivered Locally

GE aims to deliver continuous field operational excellence through its broad service experts network. Providing the highest level of quality of services as well as the competence development of the technicians and supervisors is GE’s top priority. GE’s subject matter experts’ competencies, qualification levels and certifications are checked regularly in compliance with local regulations and strict internal GE standards. As a result, wherever our customers are located, GE provides the best field experts to ensure complete satisfaction.

GE provides expertise delivered locally