For more than 100 years, the power grid has remained balanced by controlling power generation to match demand. As clean but variable and non-dispatchable power sources start to become a larger part of the energy matrix, energy storage can help keep the grid in balance.


GE’s Reservoir Solutions

GE’s Reservoir Solution provides flexible and modular energy storage for AC or DC coupled systems. This innovative and standardized architecture is designed for energy, power and renewable applications.

The Reservoir Solution is an integrated turnkey offering that combines GE’s advanced technologies and expertise in controls, power electronics, battery and operational management systems, and electrical balance of plant – all backed by GE’s performance guarantees.

GE’s Reservoir Solution

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Typical Reservoir Applications

Energy Sectors


Renewables - Solar

Maximize Production Output & Enable Dispatchable Renewables

Provides AC or DC coupled energy storage solutions for medium to large scale renewable deployments and delivers:

  • Guaranteed production plan through enhanced scheduling.
  • Energy dispatch at peak demand - dispatch stored energy
    during on-peak periods.
  • Curtailment avoidance - avoid output curtailment at certain times, preventing loss of energy production.
  • Frequency regulation - provide fast regulation of grid frequency to balance supply and demand.
Utility Scale Solar
Application Example – Utility Scale Solar
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Efficiently Balance Distributed Energy Resources

Delivers 2 to 4 hours of capacity for efficient coordination of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and delivers:

  • Renewable integration - balance the local excesses or deficits of renewable generation caused by rapid weather fluctuations.
  • Back-Up - store energy to maintain service continuity and grid resilience in the event of an outage.
  • Peak management - reduce grid capacity needs during peak periods with local storage.
  • Frequency response - provides fast regulation of grid frequency to balance supply and demand.
Utility Scale Solar
Application Example – Microgrids
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Thermal – Hybrid Electric Gas Turbines (EGT)

Optimize Generation Fleets

Delivers up to 30 mins of electricity supply, enabling utilities and independent power producers to enhance generation fleets and deliver:

  • Contingency reserve without fuel burn between demand events.
  • Frequency regulation through the immediate absorption or supply
    of power for grid stability.
  • Voltage support through local control of reactive power
    from and to the grid.
  • Improved management by enhancing thermal generation
    fleet operation and costs.
Utility Scale Solar
Application Example – Hybrid Electric Gas Turbines
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Serving Global Customers with Local Expertise

Serving Global Customers with Local Expertise