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OGC Compliance.
Do you need to access or exchange data and information along Open Geospatial Consortium® (OGC®) standards? Do you need to prepare for compliance with the European Union’s INSPIRE directive or other Spatial Data Initiatives? The Smallworld GeoSpatial Server* can help you meet these requirements!

Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a business-driven software architecture which recent studies have shown is helping our customers swiftly adapt to rapidly changing market needs. An enterprise SOA infrastructure increases adaptability, flexibility, openness, and cost-efficiency for our customers, as they can compose applications and enable business processes rapidly using enterprise services and improve the reuse of software to become more agile in responding to change.

The Smallworld GeoSpatial Server version 4.1.2 released in April 2010 adds an SOA-enabling platform for system integration and Business Process Integration to the proven Smallworld* technology and application portfolio.

The Smallworld GeoSpatial Server is a platform
  • to provide common business services for Utility and Communications applications
  • to allow Smallworld applications to participate in business processes based on a service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • for Smallworld integration products, such as the future Smallworld Business Integrator* for use with SAP® NetWeaver® and Smallworld Business Integrator for use with IBM® Maximo
  • for migration of the Smallworld Internet Application Server* (SIAS) and custom based integration solutions
The 4.1.2 release adds support for Smallworld Core Spatial Technology* as a Web Service Consumer and extends support for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Services, which now include:
  • Certified Support for OGC WFS 1.1
  • Certified Support for OGC WCS 1.0
  • Certified Support for OGC WMS 1.3
  • OGC Geography Markup Language (GML) 3.1.1 support
Compliance with the INSPIRE directive has to be met by customers within the European Union community along a pre-defined timeline and is influenced by the customers‘ relevant industry segment. The compliance with OGC standards such as WFS, WMS, WCS, and GML is building the foundation for INSPIRE compliance. Metadata support and Metadata generation is planned for coming releases of Smallworld GeoSpatial Server.

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