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  Smallworld/MapFrame News
Market Position - Smallworld Leading
ARC Advisory Group, a leading global research and advisory firm, has extended its coverage of industries and infrastructure to incorporate the geospatial information systems market. In Arc’s first published summary report, ‘Geospatial Information Systems Worldwide Outlook’, GE Energy is positioned as the leading market provider of software solutions.

ARC’s market estimates are consistent with those from other market analysts such as Daratech, who compiles the ‘GIS Markets & Opportunities Report’. Daratech’s latest 2009 report forecasts GE Energy to be the market leader in the Utility space for the sixth consecutive year.

GE Energy’s Smallworld Portfolio is unique in its ability to optimize the critical business processes for organizations addressing complex network asset management - gas, water, electric, telecommunications, and public authorities. The continued, focused investment in network documentation, engineering management - design, planning, and network analysis - field force automation, mobile mapping, and business analysis solutions enables our customers to reduce costs, improve customer service and fulfill increasingly demanding compliance requirements.

Source: Arc Advisory Group, Inc, 2009