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Recent reports from two of the leading, independent market analysts once again forecast that GE Energy is the market leader for geospatial solutions for the utility and telecommunications sector.

Daratech Inc. produces their ‘GIS Markets & Opportunities’ report annually - their most recent study forecasts that the size of the 2011 Geospatial Software and Services market worldwide to be $3B, up 6.5% from the previous year. Source: DARATECH, Inc., Cambridge MA, USA.

For the Utilities and Telecommunications sector, Daratech predicts in 2011 that GE Energy will be market leaders.

Worldwide GIS/Geospatial Combined Telco & Utility Marke
2011 Software & Services Revenue Forecast $766M
2010-11 Growth Forecast 5.8%

Charles Foundyller, CEO Daratech, Inc., states "Having monitored and analyzed the geospatial markets for the last 22 years, what jumps out is that GE Energy with their Smallworld portfolio have successfully maintained their market leading position in utilities and telecom. We believe this is primarily due to their deep understanding of the utility and telecoms industry, its business drivers, customer needs, and the quality of Smallworld software."

ARC Advisory Group has continued to extend its coverage of industries and infrastructure to incorporate the geospatial information systems market. In ARC’s second published summary report, ‘Geospatial Information Systems Worldwide Outlook’, GE Energy is also positioned as the market leading provider of Electric Power and Telecommunication Software Solutions.

Worldwide Electric Power Market Share
2010 Software & Services $221 M

Worldwide Telecom Market Share
2010 Software & Services $157 M

According to Clint Reiser (, Enterprise Software Analyst and principal author of ARC's ‘Geospatial Information Systems Worldwide Outlook’, “GE Energy has established a strong presence in the worldwide GIS market as a result of the substantial installed base of Smallworld solutions and continued focus on utility markets such as electric power and telecommunications".

“Our business strategy to deliver a fully integrated geospatial, mobile, field force and asset control software portfolio enables us to respond rapidly to the ever increased demands for world class real time grid management. Listening to our customers, understanding and anticipating the needs of the industry confirms GE Energy’s geospatial infrastructure management products are fundamental to this strategy and facilitate the delivery of a unique, differentiated Smart Grid Solution," said Brian Bradford, Product Marketing, GE’s Digital Energy business.