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Denver, CO – February 22, 2011 – GE Energy announced the deployment of an integrated Smallworld and MapFrame solution at EPCOR Utilities Inc. The GE software solution provides EPCOR with a single source of data and a consolidated record system that enables more timely and accurate updating of EPCOR’s mapping and drawing records for all areas within the Transmission & Distribution business – increasing overall productivity at the utility. The solution also provides the foundation for future smart grid program initiatives at EPCOR.

“GE has successfully integrated data from multiple sources into a single system, including SCADA load data, engineering analysis, designs, inspections and work orders,” said Jennifer Rolph, Manager GIS at EPCOR. “As we plan for future smart grid initiatives, the increased accuracy and productivity delivered by the Smallworld and MapFrame solution will provide a solid foundation to build upon.”

GE provided EPCOR with Smallworld Electric Office, Smallworld Electric Office Designer and Smallworld Analysis & Optimization products to integrate disparate data and provide a single view of all assets. GE’s MapFrame FieldSmart View and FieldSmart Collect products were implemented to automate the field force. GE’s easy-to-use mobile solution ensures the field force not only has the most up to date maps in their trucks when they turn their keys in the morning, but also has the ability to collect data from the field to ensure the maps and related data stay up to date.

“GE’s Smallworld and MapFrame solutions provide a smart, simple way to manage assets and perform field work,” said Martin Ansell at GE Energy. “Working at EPCOR to streamline their asset management, engineering, and mobile operations in preparation for future smart grid initiatives, sets this project apart from others. Our solutions are providing benefits to the utility today, while laying the ground work for smart grid benefits consumers will feel tomorrow.”

EPCOR Utilities Inc. builds, owns and operates electrical transmission and distribution networks, water and wastewater treatment facilities and infrastructure. EPCOR distributes about 14% of the province of Alberta's energy consumption to more than 300,000 residential and commercial customers in Edmonton. In Alberta, EPCOR provides regulated rate electricity service to more than 600,000 residential and small commercial customers.



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