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Utility communications provide the backbone for intelligent energy grids of tomorrow. A comprehensive end-to-end network manager has long been desired by utilities to better capitalize on the installed equipment, help improve operational efficiency and lower the overall cost of ownership. Following extensive research, GE have recognized that one of the primary requirements of our customers is a holistic management solution that transcends product and functional utility boundaries, that strives to bridge the gap between equipment and network management. At a recent conference, over 80% of our Lentronics customers identified traffic management and circuit design as their number one priority. The flexibility offered within the Lentronics JMUX provides for a virtually unlimited combination of service types and traffic routing paths, leaving customers searching for a tool to manage this complexity. With that in mind, GE Digital Energy have been working to bring network planning, provisioning, capacity management, monitoring and performance processes together within a common platform.

The Smallworld Network Inventory solution provides unrivalled functionality to plan, design, build and document the complete end-to-end physical (both inside and outside plant) and logical network infrastructure. Over 120 telecommunications network operators use Smallworld to manage their communications networks in 37 countries worldwide, including an increasing number of Utility companies who need to manage their communications assets. GEs Smallworld Network Inventory is ranked by industry analysts as the #1 geospatial network infrastructure management solution for both telecoms and utilities and GE has the strongest electric and telecom customer references in the industry.

GEs Smallworld solution is now available pre-configured for GE Lentronics customers using the JMUX optical networking equipment to facilitate a fast, simple and cost-effective off-the-shelf implementation of Smallworld Network Inventory for these customers. The Smallworld solution will provide the network resource/asset management, planning, design and provisioning/assignment business capabilities that complement the VistaNET real-time configuration, monitoring and alarm functions. GEs Smallworld solution for Lentronics Multiplexers will include the Physical Network Inventory Inside Plant (ISP) and Logical Network Inventory (LNI) product modules. There are approximately 140 individual rack-mounted equipment specifications for the JMUX network equipment product line. The shelf and slot records are mapped to the corresponding card specifications that fit (or are allowed to be placed) within them. The LNI configuration rules are populated in order to reflect the actual network equipment, topologies, channels, connections and services that can be deployed and provisioned in the real world. These include the LNI configuration rules such as the various type mappings and channel structures.

With this solution GE provide a holistic yet simple approach to manage critical assets within complex communications networks, enabling the Smart Grid transformation today. Customer benefits of this comprehensive asset management solution include improved information accuracy, improved asset utilization, better network control and reduced operational expenditure.



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