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FTTH 4.1.2

Due to the ever-increasing demand for greater network bandwidth to support ever-richer end user applications, such as on-demand TV, significant numbers of network operators are deploying fibre deeper into their networks. While some operators are initially deploying fibre to the closest cabinet to the end customers and then relying on xDSL technologies for the last mile (Fibre-to-the-Node, or FTTN) an equal number are deploying true Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks with fibre running directly into the end customers’ premises. Many in the industry recognize that FTTH is the only long-term solution to serve end customers’ demands; however, reaching this has significant cost implications. Recent government intervention in countries such as Australia and Singapore indicates that the level of funding required to deploy a complete FTTH network is often too much for a single operator to bear and requires government support. One of the contributing costs of this work is designing the network. Industry analysts Heavy Reading indicates that the network design cost per home passed is likely to be in the order of 5% of the total cost of a FTTH build. This represents ~ $50 per home passed. Operators can make substantial savings by optimizing the network design process and so reducing these costs. This is the basis for the value proposition for the Smallworld FTTH solution.

Smallworld FTTH 4.1.2 is the second release of this new Smallworld product and provides further productivity enhancements to Smallworld Physical Network Inventory. The product provides a suite of tools that enables network designers to rapidly design the rollout of all types of Fibre-to-the- Home networks. Significant productivity savings can be realized by the deployment of this solution, either in addition to an existing Physical Network Inventory installation or as an entirely new Physical Network Inventory deployment.

A number of customers have already purchased Smallworld FTTH, among them Swisscom and Deutche Telekom, two of GE’s largest telecoms customers. Swisscom was an early adopter of the Smallworld FTTH solution and is now in full production use and has realized some impressive benefits from the deployment of the solution. Deutche Telekom is in the process of deploying the new release to support its planned FTTH rollout in 2011.



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