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GE Energy has announced the release 4.2 of the Smallworld™ Internet Application Server. This release focused on keeping current with technology and provides the following key features:

1. Smallworld GeoSpatial Server as SIAS Middle tier
With SIAS 4.2, the product has been updated to include middle tier functionality from Smallworld GeoSpatial Server (GSS). SIAS 4.2 requires a functional GSS install to run, which is licensed only for use with the SIAS product. SIAS must be installed into the same Smallworld Core product and access the same Smallworld database. SIAS and GSS products can be run with a single application server and the same Smallworld Services Providers in the Enterprise Information System (EIS) tier, as well as using the same database.

2. Additional Browser Support
A long awaited requirement to provide support for browsers in addition to Microsoft® Internet Explorer® has now been met. SIAS 4.2 supports Mozilla® Firefox® version 3.6, Google® Chrome™ version 7.0, and Safari® version 5 in 64 bit more (for 64 Macintosh® only). In addition, support for Microsoft Internet Explorer now includes versions 6, 7, and 8.

3. Microsoft Silverlight® for Vector Graphics
With SIAS 4.1.2, Adobe® SVG Viewer was used to provide vector graphics in SIAS clients. Support was withdrawn by Adobe for their SVG viewer in 2009. With SIAS 4.2, vector graphics are now provided using Microsoft Silverlight.



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