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GE Energy has won a Smallworld Electric Office license order from PowerTech IST for NamPower in Namibia.

NamPower is a state-owned electric utility of Namibia, South Africa's immediate neighbor to the northwest. NamPower focuses on transmission and generation but still has some distribution networks. Their transmission voltage levels range from 66kv to 400kv, and they also still own 10,866 km of distribution lines ranging from 11kv to 33kV. NamPower has an installed capacity of 536MW; however, they still need to import most of their power from neighboring countries - the most by far from Eskom. They annually sell about 3,434 GWh of energy and have a total of 888 employees.

NamPower serves within the country of Namibia and currently has about 5,000 supply points in its GIS and 200 main meters installed to take readings on feeders.

Powertech IST, a long standing Smallworld partner, is the local value added reseller for providing Smallworld Electric Office to NamPower. NamPower is currently a user of Smallworld technology and have developed a number of proprietary custom systems over the years with the assistance of NetGroup. Electric Office was chosen on the basis that itís a tightly integrated suite of applications that already have most of the business functionality they needed and, thus, reduces the amount of customization

NamPower will start production implementation of Smallworld Electric Office this month and are planned to be complete within 6 months.



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