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GE Energy has made significant changes in its commercial team structure that are improving customer satisfaction in many ways, and we want to share those with you.

We have restructured such that the teams are organized by region now with one commercial team in each region that holds expertise across your Smart Grid portfolio of products and also understands customer dynamics, culture, and business practices in that region. This means one regional management team will work with you on each of these commercial projects and act as customer advocates, with decision making and proposal generation now closer to the customer location. Customer-centricity is at the forefront of our thinking.

We are positioning for growth around the world, putting into place additional support as needed in various regions and utilizing a new tool for customer relationship management. By establishing feedback loops, global processes, and a global database, we can understand technical and commercial requirements across the GE product lines, share information from region to region, reduce bureaucracy, and ensure consistency in transactions.

We have also streamlined GE Energy’s standard terms and conditions document to make additions that were frequently requested by customers, reduced its length, and made it more customer-friendly and more customer-facing. Our goal is to provide fair, “Win-Win” terms for all parties.

We have embarked on a journey and we will continue to evolve and mature the processes to generate even more benefits to our customers as time goes on.



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