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GE Energy's new Smallworld  platform products release 4.2 for geospatial solutions are available now. This latest release further improves end user productivity and helps to optimize key business processes with a rich suite of additional functional components and feature enhancements:

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™- Better rendering quality, extended conflict resolution and delivery of CASE tool on SWAF

Smallworld Design Manager™ - Finalization of phased completion improvements and introduction of new related design functionality

Smallworld GeoSpatial Server™ - adding Smallworld as a web service client and extensions of certified OGC services including OGC WFS and WCS

    Smallworld Internet Application Server™ (SIAS) - Server side alignment with Smallworld GeoSpatial Server and client support for Firefox®, Safari® and Chrome browsers

    Smallworld Translators™ - Support for DXF 2010, DGN v8 and FME 2010

This release also includes many enhancements requested by customers and partners.

Smallworld 4.2 adds support for Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2008 R2, and for VMware®.

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology, Smallworld Design Manager, and Smallworld GeoSpatial Server were released in August and September and will be followed by Smallworld Internet Application Server and compatibility versions of the other platform products.


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