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Smallworld GeoSpatial Server™ adds a SOA-enabling platform for system integration and Business Process Integration to the proven Smallworld™ technology and application portfolio.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) allows our customers to create new applications on top of existing enterprise solutions, increasing the value of their current systems and automating new processes.

Smallworld GeoSpatial Server provides the capability for Smallworld Offices and Smallworld applications to participate in an enterprise SOA infrastructure and in enterprise business processes.

Key features of Smallworld GeoSpatial Server include

  • General infrastructure and business services
  • Support for write transactions and alternative access
  • Bi-directional web service communication
  • Certified support for OGC® Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Coverage Service (WCS)
  • Web Services Framework (via HTTP or JMS)
  • Support for Web Services Security (WSS) and other WS standards
  • Support for JBOSS® 4.2.3, IBM® WebSphere® 6.1, Oracle® WebLogic 9.2.3

The 4.2 version brings new features such as infrastructure support for Extension Modules so that new functionality can be delivered quickly, an Open Services Module to support OGC Services and regional Spatial Data Initiatives (SDIs) such as European INSPIRE, plus support for Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™ 4.2 Heterogeneous joins.

Smallworld GeoSpatial Server is currently being deployed at a number of Telecoms and Utilities customer sites around the world. The forthcoming Smallworld Network Model Manager™ CIM (Common Information Model) adapter, Smallworld Business Integrator™ (SBI) for use with SAP® NetWeaver® and Smallworld Business Integrator for use with IBM Maximo® products will all be based on Smallworld GeoSpatial Server (version 4.2). Smallworld GeoSpatial Server is also sold as part of the GE Energy Field Force Automation™ product with partner software for geo-coding and routing.


Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.
JBoss is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc
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OGC is a registered trademark of Open GeoSpatial Consortium, Inc.
SAP and Netweaver are registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.