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One of the must see products of the Americas Smallworld™ Conference was Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis™ (GSA). The product has been generating a lot of interest from customers and partners, and this was a great opportunity to showcase the application’s capabilities. The Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis application is the new, exciting business intelligence product from GE Energy and an integral part of the Smallworld™ product suite.

Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis offers easy and efficient access to data from distinct, distributed spatial and non-spatial feature sources. This data can be shared across the enterprise, empowering a wide range of users with visualization, query, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis has been built to enable new insights into an organization’s data, uncovering hidden trends and exploring what-if scenarios to support faster and more robust tactical, operational, and strategic decisions.

GeoSpatial Analysis is driven through the following work stages for business intelligence:

Search – Simple graphical navigation or queries allow users to identify their data quickly.

Visualize – Use this data to inspect, measure, aggregate tables, run what if scenarios, or annotate with visual representations such as charts and graphs.

Share – Plot high quality graphical and tabular data, build comprehensive reports, or just share the work in a GSA project with others in their organization.

Model – (available in the professional version) Allows users access to multiple feature sources directly while maintaining data integrity, creates new business collections from base tables with lookups, and aggregates to derive new information. This can be performed from existing data and visualized on the map.

The demo booth in the Technology Showcase Exhibition hall attracted a lot of attention from attendees, with many people stepping up to use the system on the stand. The mature application and its rich feature set surpassed expectations and were well received by those in attendance. Many also commented that the fresh looking and intuitive user interface based on Microsoft® Office Fluent™ standards makes the solution an easy extension of everyone’s desktop, just like Word or Excel®.

In line with these booth presentations were group workshops to look in more detail at the application; these open forums enabled attendees to share some of the business needs the system could fulfill and get expert advice from the GE team on how they might solve them. They also acted as group discussions for the product roadmap and how people would like to see the solution evolve in forthcoming releases.

Supporting the product introduction were presentations by Ziggo, a Cable TV company in Netherlands, and our partners at Realworld. Ziggo use Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis to provide the organization full access and the ability to ‘mashup’ information from multiple applications (Smallworld Physical Network Inventory™ being the Smallworld application). Ziggo chose Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis because of its ease of install, maintain, and learn and gave their 360 end users the ability to define their own reports, printouts, thematic maps, queries, etc. Ziggo have also made information available to external parties through a third party ‘Dial before You Dig’ extension.

Pierre Snoeren, Ziggo telecom specialist states, “Everybody can use the GSA product, I usually train people in 3 hours and they know how to use it.”

Later in the show our partner Spatial Eye presented on behalf of Enexis, an Electric and Gas supplier from the Netherlands, who have used the Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis application to support Risk analysis activities on their gas pipeline network.

A final quote from the floor of the conference that encapsulates the essence of the product: “GeoSpatial Analysis not only solves the business problems of today, but allows you to solve the problems of tomorrow that you haven’t even thought of…”

For more information on the product, please contact or your regional sales representative.


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