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GE Energy has announced the release of Smallworld Gas Distribution Office™ and Smallworld Global Transmission Office™ – versions 4.2. The applications are part of a suite of solutions with a comprehensive global data model for the management of assets in the gas distribution and pipeline transmission network. GE’s Smallworld Gas Distribution Office and Smallworld Global Transmission Office software includes core GIS technology, giving customers a one-stop solution for their needs.

These spatially enabled network management solutions bring together the essential applications needed to help Local Distribution Companies (LDC) and pipeline transmission companies manage their networks and meet industry and regulatory requirements. The suite of integrated solutions leverages GIS data investment to make better-informed decisions about company assets.

For more information, please visit Smallworld Gas Distribution Office™ , Smallworld Global Transmission Office™ – versions 4.2. or contact Ted Eynon for Global sales and Chuck Lang for North America sales.