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Dallas office

On October 4, 2010, GEs Mobile Solutions team opened a new office in Dallas, Texas at 14951 N. Dallas Parkway in the Addison area. With 50 employees currently, the new office space has room to expand as the MapFrame business continues to grow. The new space offers a rich experience to our customers, whether they are attending one of our many training courses, participating in Factory Acceptance Testing, or collaborating with our team on a project.

The new office boasts a dedicated room with interactive whiteboard for Factory Acceptance Testing and customer training. In addition, two dedicated product development innovation rooms, also called scrum rooms, have been designed using state-of-the art collaborative workspace solutions. What value does this bring to customers? It allows the typical leader-led presentation, (where information is controlled and shared by one person at a time), to be replaced with a collaborative environments where all participants are allowed to access and share information through media tables. Ideas are shared equally, quickly and seamlessly.

We look forward to welcoming customers to our new facility.

GE Energy
14951 N. Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75254