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Digital Energy Products Training SR 489 Generator Protection Interactive Learning CD
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What's Included

The CD is an ideal complement to GE Multilin's instructor-led classes, and provides
complete instruction on the
SR 489 when classroom-based learning is not practical.

  • Power System Components
  • Power Generation
  • Zones of Protection
  • Primary Relaying
  • Backup Relaying
  • Types of Protection Relays
  • Transducers (CT’s, VT’s, CVT’s)
  • Current transformer selection for the SR 489
  • Breakers
  • Principles of generator operation
  • Theory of protection element for generators

  • Installation and Removal of the SR489
  • Front Panel Features
  • LED’s
  • Keypad / Port
  • Setpoint and Actual Value menu structures

  • Digital Inputs
  • Control Power
  • AC Phase Current Inputs
  • Voltage Inputs
  • Failsafe / Non-failsafe
  • Trip, Alarm, Auxiliary, and Self test Output
  • Contacts
  • Trip coil Monitoring
  • Communications
  • RTD Inputs
  • IRIG-B

  • Basic Relay Setup

  •     - Waveform Capture
        - Software Configuration
        - System Configuration
        - Actual Values Interface
        - Event Recorder
  • Protection

  •     - Phase Differential
        - Negative Sequence Differential
        - 100% Stator ground protection
        - Loss of Excitation protection
        - Inadvertent energization protection
        - Phase over/under voltage protection
        - Phase Time / Instantaneous OC
        - Ground Time / Instantaneous OC
  • Outputs

  •     - Output Contacts
        - Waveform Capture
  • System Functions

  •     - Setpoint Files / Groups
        - Upgrading Firmware

    The SR 489 Generator Management Relay Training CD is a valuable complement to instructor-led training that provides an invaluable reference tool for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the SR 489 Generator Management Relay. The CD provides students with an opportunity to study at their own pace and on their own schedule without incurring travel and living expenses.

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