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  745 SR Transformer Management Relay

Day 1:
 Basic transformer theory
 Causes of transformer failures
 Percent differential protection element
 Instantaneous differential protection
 Tap changers
 Current transformer selection
 Introduction to the GE Multilin SR745 transformer management relay
 Hardware overview, options and ordering
 Mechanical installation and wiring
 enerVista software lab
 Establishing communication to the relay
 Loading and saving settings files lab
 SR745 setup
   - System setup
   - Digital inputs and outputs
Day 2:
 Fault simulation and investigation tools such as the waveform capture and event log will be used to test the following elements through the simulation software
   - Differential
   - Phase overcurrent
   - Under/overfrequency
   - Overexcitation
 Actual values
   - Status and metering
   - Event recorder and trending and
     waveform capture
 Introduction to FlexLogic™
   - Gates: AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR,
 FlexLogic™ Lab
   - Virtual inputs
   - Contact outputs and virtual outputs
   - FlexLogic™ Timers
   - Load shedding
 The SR745 memory map and user memory map
 SR745 data communications