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What will I learn from this course

IEC 61850 is the new emerging standard that is now being applied to many new substation designs to allow for interoperability between manufacturers of substation devices. This course will introduce the major sections of the IEC 61850 standard including substation design, communication methods and monitoring and control applications. Students will also configure communication networks as described by the IEC 61850 standard and test the performance of the different methods of Peer-to-Peer messaging that are defined in the protocol.

Who should attend

Protection and Electrical Engineers responsible for substation design, relay configuration, system communications or substation control applications will benefit from this course. System Integrators responsible for configuring SCADA or HMI Monitoring and Control systems using the IEC 61850 protocol will also benefit from this course.


  • An understanding of Power Systems and Protection applications
  • Duration
    3 days