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Viewpoint Maintenance is a must-have tool for any integrators or electrical staff involved in Power System protection and maintenance. This software increases the security of your relays, reports your device’s operating status and simplifies the steps to troubleshoot your device.

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Track the changes of settings to devices by generating a report at the click of a button
The Security Audit Trail feature in Viewpoint Maintenance can automatically track the details of settings changes to your relays. This traceability helps map out where a problem may have occurred and will help improve future maintenance procedures.

Date and Time of hardware, firmware or setting changes made to your relays

Logging of the MAC address of computers and users making settings changes

Track method of how settings changes were made (i.e. Keypad, Serial Port, Ethernet)*

Printer-friendly option to view hard copy reports

Filter by date to identify changes to settings over time

Ability to identify the name of settings files for accurate

  * Available for the UR Platform 4.60 and above

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View the Health and Operating Status of connected devices at the click of a button
Reduce the time required to perform maintenance on your device by receiving a report that shows health and operating status of your relays, meters and the power system being monitored.

Current operating condition of the GE Multilin device

Current operating condition of the equipment being monitored and protected

Critical devices settings that have not been programmed

Operating history of the monitored devices

Maintenance issues that need to be addressed

LED simulated view of equipment targets and alarms detected


Reduce time required to collect data for Troubleshooting a fault with Viewpoint Maintenance. With the click of a button, Viewpoint Maintenance will gather all required information including pertinent Settings Files, Oscillography, Events, Fault Reports, Data Logger and Health Reports and package it into a single .zip file to allow for easy sharing with engineers to assist with your fault analysis.

Effortlessly collect all the data required to diagnose a fault

Automatically package all pertinent information into a .zip for easy file sharing

Eliminate costly hours of Troubleshooting by filtering data at the click of a button

Assess why and how the fault occurred to improve preemptive maintenance procedures

Avoid costly downtime and customer interruptions

Reduce the amount of time required to troubleshoot a fault to get your system back up and running

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