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DS Agile A301
Substation Gateway

GE’s DS Agile A301 substation gateways perform the communication interface between the electrical substation and the area dispatch centers (SCADA), allowing SCADA operators to remotely control and monitor the substation in coherence with the operation of the whole area of the electrical grid.

The main functions of the DS Agile A301 substation gateway are to transmit substation indications and measurements to the dispatch center, and dispatch centers’ commands to the substation control system. This is performed within the structure of the Energy Management System (EMS) of the overall grid.

Key benefits:

  • A multi-protocol gateway to interface with SCADA level
  • The A301 can manage up to 4 protocols and up to 8 channels
  • Rugged solution qualified for electrical substation
  • Interchangeable with former A300 model