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Protection and Control
Generator Protection
From the protection and control of utility generators to ensuring the safe interconnection of renewable energy sources to the grid, to synchronization and load shedding solutions using advanced automation, Multilin products and services work to maximize asset reliability and operational life.

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Transformer Protection
Utilizing advanced algorithms to detect abnormal conditions such as hottest-spot, aging insulation and transformer loss of life within the power transformer, Multilin protection relays allow operators to follow an as needed maintenance program reducing total life-cycle costs.

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Transmission Line Protection
With real-time system monitoring tools utilizing synchrophasor measurement data, utilities are able to pursue demand response initiatives, implement remedial action schemes. Wide area protection, fault and disturbance analysis capabilities ensure utilities optimize and increase transmission reliability.

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Bus Protection
Multilin protection and control devices offer true integration of features including protection, monitoring, metering, communications and control into one easy-to-use device. Our products ensure the required protection and control selectivity, and deliver the reliability needed for even the most complex bus configurations.

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Network Protection
From load shedding, remedial actions to special protection schemes and wide area monitoring, Multilin Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement Systems utilize innovative technologies and advanced communications to provide utilities with real-time access to critical system data, protection and control capabilities.

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Distribution Feeder Protection
Improve power system safety and ensure efficient recovery of distribution networks through fault isolation, sectionalization and power system restoration schemes. From the detection of fallen power lines and damaged underground cables using Hi-Z detection, to incipient cable fault detection and arc flash mitigation, Multilin relays provide the high-speed sensing and isolation required to minimize system outages and ensure safety.

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Motor Protection
From protecting down hole pump motors to low voltage conveyor systems, Multilin relays provide the flexibility to meet industrial protection requirements. Coupled with advanced diagnostics, powerful automation and multiple communications options including support for IEC 61850, GE’s Multilin relays lead the industry in advanced motor protection.

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Single Function Relays
Manufactured to exacting standards, GE electromechanical relays have provided power system protection for over 100 years. GE single function electrometrical relay's have the sensitivity and high-speed performance needed for reliable operation in harsh environments, and are trusted for a wide variety of critical protection applications.

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Special Function / Control
Advanced applications require specialized products designed specifically to perform at the highest level. From advanced controller and network stability and synchrophasor measurement systems to breaker monitoring, capacitor bank, and programmable logic controllers, GE's Multilin protection and control relays provide the flexibility to meet your application challenges.

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IEC 61850 Process Bus
A true breakthrough in the installation and ownership of protection and control systems, GE’s HardFiber System reduces the overall labor required for substation design, construction, and testing. The Multilin HardFiber System delivers a complete IEC 61850 process bus solution for small and large substations.

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Product Families / Software
Multilin develops and utilizes the latest innovations to offer industry leading protection and control products. Multilin product families include UR, URPlus, SR, SR 3 Series, and 650.

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