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EPM 9450
Power Quality Meter

The EPM 9450 is the entry point for GE's premium 9000 meter series with advanced power quality capability. The unit utilizes ACCU-Measure® Technology to provide highly accurate revenue grade readings coupled with advanced data analysis. The unit measures over 15,000 electrical parameters including real time harmonics to the 127th order, voltage surges and sags and a large assortment of advanced monitoring functionality. The unit also provides advanced expandable I/O with up to 256 points for control, data acquisition and alarms functions.

Features and Benefits
  • Power/Energy accuracy better than 0.04% provide highest grade revenue accuracy
  • Harmonics measurements to the 127th order including %THD and K-Factor in real time
  • Waveform Scope Mode on all channels
  • Multiple Historical, Alarm and Power Quality Logs
  • Four digital communication ports with standard Modbus Protocol
  • Advanced Alarms and Control Set-Point Functions
  • Up to 256 points of expandable I/O
  • 3 Line LED or Touch-Screen LCD displays Ideal for critical loads, site-wide monitoring, power transformers, transmission lines, feeders, and generators