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QDSP setting, monitoring and analysis software

The QDSP software is required for changing all settings in iSTAT communicating transducers and all but basic settings on communicating Measurement Centres and Power Quality Analysers. QDSP can store a record of all settings to allow simple replacement of devices or duplication for equivalent applications. QDSP can also be used to assist during commissioning by confirming that the Modbus communications on the products are working correctly and that the product is measuring correctly and calculating the correct outputs. QDSP Professional software also allows the analysis of recorded data and the generation of Power Quality reports.

QDSP Setting Studio 2.x (QDSP2) is available in the Professional version only and is available free-of-charge and license free. This software performs all functions required for the iSTAT products, but is currently available in English language only. This software will be updated with all future iSTAT product releases.

For when QDSP in French and German is required we have retained the latest version of the original QDSP (QDSP1). The professional version of QDSP1 can be installed free-of-charge using the license code FBZR7JF7. QDSP1 will not be updated with future iSTAT product releases.

QDSP2 and QDSP1 can both be installed on the same PC as by default they are installed in different directories. It is necessary to remove the previous installation of QDSP1 or QDSP2 when upgrading, but only the version being upgraded.

Separate manuals are available for QDSP1 and QDSP2 as their functionality and operation are different, but similar.