Product Training Syllabus

Internet Application Server: Administration

Internet Application Server: Administration
What will I learn from this course?

The Internet Application Server Administration Training course provides an introduction to the Smallworld Internet Application Server product, covering its principal features, architecture, installation and the configuration of the system, including configuring and building map caches to support client applications.

Students will install their own Smallworld Internet Application Server product, and build a Service Provider image against the training database.

Who Should Attend?

System administrators, who will install, maintain and monitor installations of Smallworld Internet Application Server based applications


To obtain maximum benefit attendees need to have knowledge of the following:

Smallworld Database Administration


Prior knowledge of J2EE application servers such as JBoss is also useful

Some knowledge of the Smallworld Magik programming language, and basic system administration tasks such as building images, is required

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Objectives

Following the course, attendees should have:

Knowledge of Smallworld Internet Application Server architecture

A knowledge of administrative tasks required to support a Internet Application Server installation

An understanding of configuration and maintenance of Internet Application Server map caches

An understanding of the different types of client solutions that can be developed, and the suitability of each type for particular applications

The attendee will be able to:

Configure a Internet Application Server system, including both Application Server and EIS tiers

Install and configure the Smallworld Internet Application Server product

Course Agenda

Introduction to Internet Application Server Administration


Configuring the Agents and Connector

Configuring the Database for Internet Application Server

Internet Application Server System Configuration Overview

Users and Roles

Tasks and Monitors

Caching and Rollforward

Searching and Locators

Plotting and Resources


Server Farms and Complex Environments